Sorority initiation – Sleeping over


Haley had been sleeping over at the sorority house, her pledge steadily moving forward towards full membership.


“So, you’re ready for the next stage?” her sponsor asked.

Haley laughed “Ha ha, well, I don’t know if I can really be ready, but sure, I’m ready” she said confidently.

“I was wondering whether you want to see what happens some times to these girls that choose to abort their pledge.” Haley nodded. “I know you’re not going to abort the pledge, but perhaps it’s interesting for you to see anyway”.

Haley’s ponsor put a picture on the bed in front of her.


“This girl was tied up in her dorm room for 3 hours. Her room mate was a sorority member and didn’t tell anyone, except her boyfriend.”

"The story is the same for this girl, except they really did a number on her when tying her up. Look at that. Beautiful. Practice makes perfect, I guess.”


“This girl was lucky. She was tied up on the couch in a frat house and the guy who fucked her, freed her right after he was done. Lucky girl.“


“Even when we bind someone outside, we some times stay behind and see what happens. Quite often – this”


“Again, look at he work put into tying her up. She is essentially tied to herself. That’s even more so the case with the next one. The funny thing is, she cannot walk and she can not not stand up”


“Here’s another one where we see what a surprisingly large portion of men will do when they find a girl tied up and blindfolded. It’s amazing what that blindfold can do to the man’s morals.”


Haley looked at the last picture.

“Well, lucky for me, I’m not aborting my pledge” she said and gave a big smile. She was wearing the pantyless nightiy that the sorority had given to her. They’re big on getting comfortable with your own body.


“OK, Haley – get dressed, we’re going to the lounge.”

When Haley followed her sponsor into the lounge, she was probably less surprised than she was supposed to be. She had already seen her teacher Mrs. Guerrez so it was a relatively smaller surprise when she saw John, her English teacher, sitting in the couch in the sorority.


“Hi, what are you doing here?” Haley asked.

“Uhm … I guess I’m going to help you pass the next stage of your pledge.” he responded.


So far Haley had not been doing anything else than stripping a bit and having some girl-on-girl friendly action – she did not like where this was going.

“Yeah, it’s about time to pull your pants down, John”, Haley’s sponsor said. As he did, he revealed the largest boner. “Go get it!” Haley’s sponsor said to Haley. Haley was hesitating, just shocked.

Haley’s sponsor tapped her fingers on the pile of photos of the destiny of pledges that aborted in the middle of the pledge. That was enough – Haley went for it.


She took it in her mouth as well as she could, but it simply didn’t fit. John didn’t mind, though, he was quite happy, leaning back. He was a bit nervous, but not more than Haley wondered how many times he had been here before with another pledge.

He was being a good guy, though, licking her up good. That made Haley forget where she was and who she was with. At one point she almost forgot who SHE were.


However, not many seconds after she got wet, John sprung on her with his cock.

He shoved his cock in her pussy. It was accustomed to a dick of this size or any other size for that matter. She was not a virgin but had only had one boyfriend and just for a few months.


He patiently pushed it further and further into her as she was moaning and gushing. “Oh John” she said.

“Oh Martha” he responded – he must’ve been thinking of someone else. Maybe it’s Larry’s friend?

He finally worked it all the way in and now moved it smoothly in and out of her. She was just getting started when John began to look funny. He didn’t say much but all of a sudden he pulled out and started cumming on her tummy.

“Ahhh” he then said.

“Whoa, Haley, you got off easy today!” her sponsor said. “Go get some rest, you’re going to need it tomorrow. Tell your parents you’ll sleep over at your friends house one more night.”

Haley went to her bed and just put on her top before she fell asleep on the bed after a long, hard and big … day.

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