Sundays – Illustrated by AI

I love my Sundays. They start in the early morning when I go to the dance studio and practice gymnastics. That’s awesome.

There is one little impracticality and that is the shower at the dance studio is broken and since I am sweating after gym class, I would ruin my clothes if I put it back on. Thankfully my teacher offered to was it for me, and I agreed to that.

And then I realized I would have to spend the rest of my day in my leotard.

As I walked through the park I realized that this was perfectly fine. Someone might be jogging in something like this.

I thought about going home but I decided I would complete my day as normal. When I came to the coffee shop I would normally go for coffee, so I did that today as well.

After drinking my coffee, I continued to the shoe shop to check out the sale thats going on.

I looked at lots of shoes and tried a few on. I got very fast service from the young shop clerk working there. He was in and out of that back room in a jiffy. And that’s not meant as some euphemism.

After shopping for a while, I got hungry and went to the nearby bakery to buy some pastries.

I continued my walk and decided to head towards the beach.

It was a bit of a long walk, but I eventually made it there.

I sat in the sand and relaxed on the beach for a while.

I didn’t bring any clothes to swim in but I decided to go anyway, why not? I should enjoy life today!

I got in the water and it was very lovely. I cannot swim so I didn’t go very far out.

When coming back up, I realized one little issue.

Now that my leotard was wet, it would get sand stuck to it if I lied down on the beach. I did not want that. But I did want to lie down.

I figured, why not leave my leotard on a nearby sunbed and then relax naked on the beach. I had never done anything like that, but I was sure I wouldnt get any complaints.

It wasn’t long before a group of young men started circling me and then finally one of them came up to me and started, let’s say, propositioned me.

He was testing out the waters. He figured me being naked signaled I might want to give them a blowjob or maybe even a fuck, but I declined both. Instead we compromised and I gave them all handjobs.

After they had cum on me and left, my leotard had accidentally become soiled as it was placed on the ground nearby and someone had both stepped on it and hit it with cum and more.

Thankfully these guys were true gentlemen and one of them handed me a package with some clothes he had bought for his girlfriend.

As I unpacked the package, I was a little underwhelmed with the clothes. It was nothing but a pair of yellow panties.

Oh well, better than nothing. I looked around for other opportunities but there was nothing there, so I counted myself lucky I had those panties at least.

I started heading back through the park and got a lot of looks. I wasn’t sure if the looks were for my breasts, which pretty much everyone in the world has – or my yellow panties, which are somewhat more rare. I reasoned it must have been the latter.

I was a bit thirsty and decided to go to a bar to get a fresh cold beer.

For some strange reason, they gave me the beer for free. It was my lucky day.

The bartender, who was a woman, had a suggestion for me. She told me she had a deal for me. She could see I was a bit underdressed and she offered me a full dress in exchange for my yellow panties. She said she was just looking for panties like that.

I agreed of course. She asked for the panties and I quickly slipped them off and gave them to her and I thought she would give the dress right away, but she left saying she would get it for me now. Leaving me naked.

A lot of eyes were on me now.

A friendly man came up to me and wanted to help. “Why don’t you take a seat and I’ll get you another beer”.

How kind of him, I thought. I did, however, get some extra glances as I got up on the stool. Anyway, he got me my beer and that was very friendly.

He did sort of come on to me after that

However, despite my choices of clothing and my liberal views, that does not mean I am easy. I was not interested in any of his suggestions, but of course I am never too fancy to give a quick handjob. That would just be rude, after all he did say hello to me.

He came on my tits, which is understandable.

He was kind enough to go and find something for me to wipe the cum off. In the meantime I was getting a bit impatient. Where was that bartender with my dress!?

There she is! But where’s the dress. “Sorry, I couldn’t find it, but I’ll give it to you tomorrow” she said. “Uhh, no, can I have my panties back then?” I asked.

“No, all trades are final, you’ll get the dress tomorrow” she insisted. I blamed myself only for not checking the terms of the trade properly.

“By the way, that was my boyfriend that gave them to you” she said. What a coincidence, I thought.

A few other handjobs followed.

Properly hydrated, I decided to venture on.

Of course, now being completely naked, it seemed like not so many people were looking at me any more. I guess it was indeed the yellow panties that attracted all that attention.

I decided not to rush home too quickly even though I was getting quite close to my home now.

I knew that I would normally stop for a coffee and so I made sure to do that today as well, just because I am not going to let society’s opinion about what I wear control whether I have a cup of coffee.

However …

I found myself getting somewhat horny after all these events. It had been sort of hot with those handjobs in the bar and cumshots.

It was inevitable that a guy approached me in the cafe. It took all of 10 seconds in fact. This time I did not decline his advances and I found myself getting fucked by him, orgasming in the cafe and create quite a scene.

He bought me a cup of coffee when he left.

Another guy came and tried his luck, but I was tired and no longer in the mood. So I just gave him a quick handjob while I enjoyed my well-deserved coffee.

When I came home, I found my boyfriend quite surprised to find my having gone through town naked, but I soon made him forget all about it…

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