Testing a doll

“So I get $200 bucks for testing a doll and it will take me just 20 minutes?”

I couldn’t believe my luck in getting this job and I signed right away.

He corrected me, though. “No, down to 20 minutes. It may very well take longer, but no more than 3 hours per time.”

3 hours, I thought to myself, that still great for $200, at least for me.


“So, I’m new to this” I explained, “How do I test it?”

“Actually, you are a sort of model for the doll. I will do most of the testing, and you will be the test subject for the realism of the doll.”

“Oh, fine, I guess” I just said. I didn’t know what he wanted me to do now, and was afraid he would cancel my contract. Luckily he explained what I had to do.

“There is a reason your uniform didn’t come with panties. We would have to compare your vagina to the doll.” he said, and pointed to the chair. As I sat down, he pulled up my skirt and exposed my hairless pussy. I gasped, but didn’t do anything. I didn’t know what to do and didn’t want to make a fool of myself. I thought to myself that it was only natural that testing an erotic doll would include some nudeness.

“Now I will do as one could think that a customer would do with the doll” he said and pulled down his pants. He went towards the doll, but as it turned out, it was just to move it out of the way. He moved towards me with his cock stiffening and I got uneasy. “What are you going to do” I asked nervously. Exactly what I would do to the doll – the same one you have contract to be a model for.

I was thinking quickly. Did he pay me for sex? Was I a prostitute by mistake? No, definitely not. I am a product tester. That’s it. A product tester. As soon as I had finished the thought, I felt his cock easy gently into my pussy.


During the next 10 minutes, he fucked me energetically. “Is the product tested yet?” I asked, trying to figure out if this product testing was really still going on, or if he had gotten carried away.

“We still need to test out the second hole on the doll” and pointed.

He then repositioned me, put some lube on me and started penetrating my ass. I tried briefly to protest, but he just pointed to the second hole in the doll again.


I had to endure it. Anyway, I had gone this far and this was still really product testing, wasn’t it. The doll DID have a second hole, so naturally as a model for the doll, my second hole also had to be tested. Regardless of how much it hurt.

A few seconds later, he pulled out and came in my mouth, saying that was what he would do on the doll. He explained the doll has a capacity of 3 litres, so I was contractually bound to swallow that much sperm.

When he was done, he positioned me on a chair and spread out my butt cheeks. It hurt a bit, as he had been quite rough with me. Probably as he would have been with the doll.


I had to be clear about how this worked. “So, how do you know if this was the same as the doll”

“Of course it’s the same” he said. “Are you saying our product isn’t life like?” he asked, looking all angry.

“No, of course that wasn’t what I was saying.” I said, although I had some doubts that was really true.

“Are we done now?” I asked, hoping that I had earned my $200 and was free of my contract.

“No, I said up to 3 hours, and we may very well be using all that today.” I was just wondering what we would be doing for the last 2 hours and 45 minutes when I heard him yell. “Next please” he said and opened the door. A man stood outside in his underpants and I could see 4 or 5 other men standing outside in line.

“These are all potential buyers” he said. “They will be testing on you whether they like the doll and if they decide they do, they buy it for $20 dollars.”

The man went right for my pussy, and pushed in on my already worked up pussy. His cock was incredibly hard and he fucked me very hard as well. What was going on right now. Would all these men have to test the doll by fucking me and then buying it for $20? I couldn’t believe it.

As he fucked me harder, he quickly came nearer to an orgasm and pulled out. He moved towards my mouth and I looked up at my coworker. “3 litres, remember” he said and I swallowed the mans cum.


Before I could even know what happened, another man had his cock up my pussy while he was fingering my butt hole. He then quickly swapped between my pussy and my butt.

I slowly got used to the agonizing pain and got to thinking. I would be getting $200 so they would have to make more than 10 sales in order to make a profit. At this rate, they would probably make way more than that. In effect, I was being pimped out for $20 dollars a fuck and I had to keep it up for three hours.

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