The blindfold fantasy

I like to please my boyfriend. For example, he is away a lot and one time when he was away, I sent him this photo of myself.


He told me he thought I looked very hot and that he really wanted me – he was going to come visit me soon and he was telling me about his fantasy.

We’ve been dating for three weeks and I think it’s nice he wants to tell me about his fantasies already. We’ve already had sex a few times, but now he told me, that one of his fantasies is to have sex with me when I’m blindfolded.

“We’ll see” I said, but secretly I thought, why not, if that’s his fantasy, why not fulfil it.

When he came home, he brought a black mask with him, it completely blacked out my vision. He also brought some sort of device to keep my arms in check. I guess it’s part of the fantasy too.


He sat my down on my knees and told me to open up my mouth.

I was not surprised when I felt his penis enter my mouth. I sucked it off.


At one point he, to my surprise, stopped and removed his cock. Maybe he was about to cum already, and wanted it to last a little longer, I wondered.

But then, two seconds later, he put it back in my mouth. This time it was sort of larger – maybe that’s what happens when he gets that excited.


This happened a few times – maybe 6 times or so, that he took his cock out and put it back in moments later. Strange.

He then wanted to get down to business and put me on the kitchen table. He put his cock in my pussy.


The same thing happened again – he stopped and then he came back. And then, yet again, his cock was even larger than before!


At the same time, somehow, he was to reach my breast and caress it in a way that he had never done before.

I had never been fucked this much before.

I could even swear that I felt him cumming in me, but he only took a 2 second break before he started fucking me again.


This time he went on for as long as he did the first time. Several minutes of fucking and a strange moaning after which I thought he might be cumming in me – if it wasn’t because he continued fucking me again after a few seconds.

I thought for a moment he might be using viagra or something crazy – but I didn’t care what he used, I just to gave myself to the moment.

“Bye” he said after he was one and left. It was then that I realized, that with these restraints, I would not be able to take off my own blindfold.


Luckily he came back half a minute later and unshackled me.

Wow, what a day. I certainly hope he continues to have this much stamina!

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