Selling stuff on eBay for my friend

I had promised my friend to sell some stuff for him on eBay. “It’s just a couple of things, put some good photos up of them and they’ll sell themselves” he had told me.

When I saw the boxes with his old stuff, I saw that there was far more than a few things – but a promise is a promise and I start picking things out of it and taking pictures of it.


It was not all good stuff. Some of it was some old junk that no one would buy. But anyway, I was going to do my very best to help. I am not one to break my promise. My friends know that they can count on me.

Another friend of mine called me and asked if he could come over. I was quick to say “sure” without mentioning that I would have him help me with this little job of mine.

When he came in I almost immediately said “So, I have a little job for you, you can help me with taking some good promo shots of this stuff”. I pointed to the boxes full of miscellaneous junk.


At first he didn’t know what to say, but then he thought about it and said “OK”. He asked for the camera. “Hang that photo frame there and go in front of it. Yes that’s it. Now point to it”

I did as he asked and he filmed but wasn’t completely happy. “Can you kind of bend over in a sexy way. Strut that ass a little bit.” I did my best to accommodate him of course, but wasn’t sure what his plan was.


“Yes, just like that, that’s sexy.” he said.

“Thanks, but why would we need a picture like that, shouldn’t we focus on the photo frame, after all that is the one that is being sold?”

“Ha ha, no of course not” he laughed “we need to grab people’s attention first. Everyone can see the headline is Photo frame but they won’t see it at all if they don’t click – and we get the most clicks with attention on you, rather than the photo frame.

“Now, let’s try to sell this bubble level, I have a good idea for that one”

He instructed me to sit down on my knees in front of him. He then put the bubble level in front of his pants – and he then, to my big surprise, wipped out his slong right in front of me.


I came dangerously close to touching it with my mouth. I could see why this picture would be more interesting than just the bubble level by itself. It would certainly get a lot of clicks.

My friend then suggested that I put his penis in my mouth. “But I don’t want pictures of me sucking your cock on eBay!” I protested. My friend nodded “OK sure, let’s take the pictures now and decide later whether to put them on. He then guided my head towards his penis and before I could think about it, my lips were hugging his cock.


After he had taken a few pictures, he looked around at other stuff in the room. His eyes caught some photo frames standing in the background. “Let’s make promo shots of those photo frames over there” he suggested.

I stood in front of the photo frames and attempted to pose as I had done before.

“I think you should try posing in your underwear instead” my friend suggested. I replied “But I’m already wearing my underwear”. “Yes” he laughed “but I meant ONLY your underwear”.

“Well … I don’t know if I wanna help my friend sell this stuff that bad.” My friend looked at me with amazement – the bad kind. “Really?” he said “Really!? I went into it with everything, we even have pictures of my penis to sell this stuff, and you won’t even pose in your underwear for this – this is YOUR project, you know!” he argued.

I was stunned. He was right. “Perhaps it won’t be too bad posing in my underwear” I responded and dressed down.


Only after he had taken the pictures, I thought of the fact that my panties are kind of see-through. Well, I did want to help my friend out selling this stuff and in a way, regardless of whether I would sell it or not, as I had promised, I would certainly make sure that it was obvious that I had tried as hard as possible to sell it. These pictures would show that.

“Let’s promote this tie now” my friend said. “You should undress completely and then only wear the tie”. I was not sure that I was in on that and told that my friend. “I am not sure I am in on that” I said.

My friend re-assured me “If we don’t like the pictures or you have any doubts about it, we won’t use them, then we can use some others instead”.

With that reassurance I accepted. Wearing just the tie, I was expecting him to start snapping more pictures, but he didn’t. He was naked and invited me to sit on him while he recorded. “Come on” he said “we won’t use them if you don’t want it”. I finally shrugged my shoulders and went all in. Well, I guess literally speaking, he went all in to me.


He was snapping pictures of me and the tie. He was right about one thing – this would certainly get a lot of attention on eBay as a promo shot. My friend’s stuff would be sold in no time. That’s actually also what I promised my friend – I promised him I would take photos of his things so they could be sold. Well, if I take photos that will not make them be sold, then I’m not really living up to that promise.

My only worry, of course, was that once we were done fucking, we had only promoted the tie – and there were 100s on things left in the boxes. This was going to be one very long afternoon.

Pictures from My Sexy Life / Muffia

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