The Descent of Anna Kournikova – 3/7

I think it was my recent increase in bills as well as my public exposure and increasing popularity, that made me accept to take part in a calendar. Usually I would not do that sort of thing, cus it had nothing to do with tennis, but I thought I would make an exception in this case.

I was wearing a nice, fine scarf over my body on the picture. It was only afterwards I discovered that the scarf was actually quite see through.


Well, there are countless examples of celebrities who accidentally get exposed, but only few expose their pussy and even fewer actually do it on pictures they are willingly in. I just didn’t think of the fact that the fabric is more see through when there are strong lights on me.

Anyway, this experience changed me in some way. Of course, the calendar became immensely popular and I got enough money from it to pay for my apartment for several months.

In fact, it had worked so well, that I decided to repeat the success on purpose, by gettng some nice promotion shots taken, where I’m bottomles.


This ad was even more succesful than I could have hoped for. Not only was Gillette thrilled about my exposure and extended my contract, but I was also getting more promotion offers.

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