The Descent of Anna Kournikova – 4/7

I celebrated my recent success by buying everyone champagne at an expensive night club. Ironically, it was when I came back that I discovered my apartment as well as all other apartments had decreased their value to half over night. The financial crisis was over us and it was all because of something called sub prime loans or something.

All I understood was that I suddenly owed my bank millions of dollars. I was not worried at first, because I had had quite a lot of success recently.

I didn’t get a lot of good offers though. To get it started, I thought I’d do the same as I had done when it had all started. Go to the beach and have some nice paparazzi take my picture. It didn’t happen at first, so I decided to tear a small hole in my panties and casually walk around like that. Bingo. I was in the tabloids again!


It was not long after I had been in the tabloids, that I was offered a nice deal on some promotion shots. The pay was not as high as I had hoped, but it was high enough that if I got one of these quite often, I would be able to pay off my loan after some years.

Of course, I didn’t really get any tennis related offers any more. Nude modelling seemed to be my new line of business. Here I am, promoting roller skates.


I did a few more promotions in the nude, but the offers seemed to come less and less. Soon I was barely paying the interest every month. I could sell my apartment, but I would still be owing all that money to the bank, because the price I would get for it would not nearly be high enough.

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