The Descent of Anna Kournikova – 5/7

The offers came to a halt. I got nothing. I kept calling my agent every day, to hear what was new. Nothing was invariably the answer. I had to take matters into me own hands. I called the ad agency that had previously given me the best jobs, and begged to let me come to a meeting.

When I came, it was just the marketing manager that met me. I begged him, just as I had done on the phone, to give me a modelling job. I told him about the bills I had to pay and he seemed to take pity on me.

However, there was one catch. He would only give me a job, if I gave him one. Something for something. I had no jobs to give him, but obviously he accepted a blowjob. This was not what I imagined, but it was something I could endure one time to get my career back on track.


I did a good job on him and he gave me a good job in return.

It was more exposure than I had had for a long time. The pay was great and so was the publicity. Some people, thereamong my agent, thought the ads were not appropriate to be shown in public, but I argued that it was actually the reason why it gave me so much publicity.

I was proud about my ad. In fact, so proud that I presented it myself on the Sexy Ad of the Year Award show.


The pay was not only good. Well decent. Well, good enough – but the publicity was so great that I was suddenly offered lots of jobs again.

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