The Descent of Anna Kournikova – 6/7

After my recent exposure, I was getting more jobs than I could even accept. Of course, they all involved some sort of nude modelling. I thought I was quite on the right track with this ad. I chose it because it was nice and quite innocent.


However, when I got the paycheck, I was surprised. I hadn’t really looked too much at what I got paid before I took the job. I thought it would be quite decent, but it was really low. I worked on that ad for an entire day and the pay wouldn’t be enough for me to pay for my apartment, even if I worked every day.

I had to pick ads where the pay was a little better.

This unique ad for a gym franchise paid a lot better. It was unique in the way that the ad involved vaginal penetration.


It gave me headlines again and I kept getting more and more jobs. The nature of the jobs mostly contained nudity and quite awkward situations for me, but I felt I had already tried most of it. That is, until I got a strange offer.

It did not involve a photoshoot at all. It was simply an offer for me to suck off two executives from a big company – apparently as part of a campaign for them to vote for buying a specific new product. Anyway, I was at first disgusted – I had received plenty of offers like that, but had always rejected it. This time it was different. Simply because the offer was so high. I could pay a full month of rent from this one incident.

I flipped a coin to decide whether to do it or not. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even look at it. When I threw it, I discovered I had already made up my mind. I had already sucked off one guy during my career. This would be no different and the pay was going to be much better.


I did the job well and, although I felt it wasn’t really what I had hoped for in my career, I was happy that the money allowed to pay off a big chunk of my apartment.

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  1. Is it just me, or are the pictures not working properly? and this isn't just on this one, it's on all of the anna kournikova ones

  2. It was on ALL the "new" posts, that is on all posts from the beginning of 2009 when I started uploading the pics to Blogger.

    Really REALLY annoying. But it's working if I re-publish a blog post. It's just that it takes like 10 minutes for each. I don't have 10 hours to spend on doing nothing.

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