The Descent of Anna Kournikova – 7/7

It had been a big thing for me to actually sell blowjobs for money. That was what I had done. I did it under special circumstances though. The pay was very good!

I desperately wanted some actual promotion modelling jobs, though. It usually pays very well too and it would be quite a bit more dignifying. That’s why I was so incredibly excited when Nike asked me to model to promote their shoes. At first I couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t believe the pay either. It would cut the amount I owed in half!

There was one catch, though.


Yes, while promoting, I had to have a cock up my pussy. That was the kind of publicity they wanted. I wouldn’t say “of course”, but sure, I accepted the offer. It was very highly paid, it WAS really promotion again, back on the right track, I thought.

The campaign got a great deal of attention and it was a bit success. Also for me personally. Well, financially. I would only need to earn another 500,000 USD to break even and be able to sell my apartment without owing the bank money.

I promised myself to get promotion jobs from now on if possible – to not go back to selling blowjobs for money or something stupid like that. That’s when I got a great offer to appear in a movie. It was a porn movie, yes – but again, the pay was good … and I insisted on doing the promotion of it. Just as I had promised myself!


The promotion shot was actually just a scene from the movie. But I was doing it. I was back in the business of promotion modelling. Soon I would probably be making tennis events again!

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