The Descent of Anna Kournikova – 8/7

(You didn’t think it would end like that, did you?)

I was doing my career of promotion of the porn movies in which I starred myself.


No, the above is unfortunately not part of any promotion or even a porn movie. It is common knowledge that you need to do some sexual favours in the porn business, which is what I am engaged in here.

However, I soon found that I was being fucked more off camera than I was in front of it. It required more and more sexual favours to even get to star in a porn movie, and some times they even laid it out like that it was good promotion for me to be in it, so I shouldn’t expect to get more than my expenses covered.

I felt like taking action, when I decided to invite an actual paying customer up to my apartment. I had sex with him, but he paid well, unlike what I experienced in the porn business.


I was happy to do it. Especially when the porn producer called me and asking me for a meeting. I knew what that meant. I could honestly tell him that my schedule would not allow me to participate. I had a customer coming up in half an hour.

Of course, what I got paid from having one customer, was not as high as what I would get when having two customers. That’s why I started inviting two guys at the time.


I was earning more this way, but when my manager offered to arrange it all for me, and showed me all the numbers, I realized I could earn almost twice as much if he managed it for me. All he wanted for it, was 50%.

From now on, I didn’t even have to arrange any customers myself. I could just wait in my apartment until someone was at the door. Some times just a single gentleman and sometimes two. My limit was two. I didn’t want to have sex with more than two at the time. I allowed extra to come in to watch though. I was used to having an audience, from being a tennis pro.

Of course, my manager had a point when he said it would be fair to allow the people watching to cum in my face, after they had gotten all excited from watching me fuck the paying customers. I wouldn’t want to be unfair at all, of course, so I allowed that.


More and more customers came and I was of course exhausted from the hard work, but also happy to know that I would soon have paid the entire loan on my apartment. According to the forecast my manager had made for me, it would be paid off two months later.

During this time, I didn’t want to make trouble in the business. That’s why, when some of the audience was not excited enough to cum in my face, I allowed them to fuck me for a bit, just so they could get hard enough to cum in my face. And maybe some times in my pussy. But I was still insisting to have a maximum of two or maybe three actual customers.

After two months, however, when I expected to be done, the customers kept coming. I approached my manager when I had a spare moment and asked him how much of my loan was paid off. He said there was still quite a bit to be paid off. He explained that things hadn’t gone as he expected. To keep attracting that many customers, he had to give 2 for 1 offers and some times give freebies to regulars.

In fact, according to his calculations, during the last two months we had only earned enough money to cover HIS 50%, so there was nothing left for me.

I guess I just have to work even harder.

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