The Felicity Huffman-Part 3

It had gone well so far – I had done whatever necessary to get my son back on the basketball team so he could get better grades and eventually enter the good college.

The very next day, after the coaches had been to my house, I got a call. It was my sons math teacher who told me that my son had been struggling with math lately and whether I could come to the teachers lounge after hours to discuss it.

thought at first – this is not good – problems with math! But it was lucky that he had called me. That way I could do something about it.


I dressed for success and went to the teachers lounge.

No one was there yet and I took the opportunity to adjust my cleavage slightly.


I have found that showing a bit of cleavage goes a long way towards getting your way.

The math teacher finally came and he sat me down. The student tutor was there as well. We talked about his problems and he interviewed me about how much time I spend studying with him. The two of them kept explaining and taking over from one another and didn’t give me a chance to say anything.

Before they got too far into this story, I made sure to distract with a little move I have learnt in Basic Instinct.

image image

“Actually what you son needs is tutoring” the teacher explained.

“Yes, but we just feel we don’t know you at all” the tutor said “perhaps if we knew you a little better, we would feel more motivated to help you and your son out with tutoring”.

This was my golden opportunity! I knew a great way of level jumping a relationship. “You could come here and get to know me right now!”

I lowered my blouse and invited them over. The tutor was naked 2 seconds later and the teacher just dropped his pants and came licked my nipples.


The teacher led me to the couch and lied behind me, then he steered his cock towards my pussy.

I couldn’t feel it at the time, but apparently he was not even wearing a condom. Well, no matter, I think I am over my child-bearing years anyway.



The teacher started cumming in me. He pulled out and put his cock in my mouth for me to lick it clean.

Apparently the tutor didn’t mind at all or maybe he didn’t know, but he immediately stuck his cock in my already thoroughly fucked pussy.

He thrusted long and hard, each time putting out a little moan.


The tutor pulled out before he came and being a litlte younger, it was not surprising that he wanted to take a selfie.

Young people these days, they take selfies of everything.

Well, we were certainly getting very familiar! In my days, a man would ask before taking a photo of a lady with two cocks in her mouth.


My efforts were not in vain.

It turned out that there was not enough people signed up for the college so everyone who applied got in – but they told me that even if there had been more applicants than space in the college, then my son would have had a good chance of getting in!

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