The Felicity Huffman–Part 2

Yesterday I had gained some very valuable insights about how to get my son into college. Getting his grades up!

I knew that my sons main problem right now was that he was not participating in sports due to health issues and that was going to take his grades in sports way, way down.

I showed up unannounced at my sons high school, ready to be convincing.


I met the school physician there and I made sure he knew who I was and who my son was.

We small-talked for a while, but I knew I needed something else …

I decided to try to seduce him.

“Now that I’m here, could you take a look at my knee?”


I made sure to let him see up my skirt as I spread my legs – not sure what effect that would have on a doctor.

I decided I couldn’t take the chance that he would not understand my advances and I started fondling him on top of his pants. He didn’t flinch.

I sat down, opened his pants and pulled his cock out and started sucking it.


One thing led to another and I got up on the bed and got ready for a good fuck.

Of course, him being a doctor and all, he had a condom in a drawer and put it on before fucking me, doctor style!



He came in the condom and lied on me for a minute afterwards.

Then he got off and put the condom in the waste bin.

“Wow, it was nice you’d stop by this afternoon – you’re welcome any time” he said.

“By the way” I said, cashing in “My son should be ready for the basket ball team next week, right?”

“Oh yes” he said “He just had a cold last week, that’s why he didn’t play.”

“That’s right” I said and winked at him “We understand each other”.

“Uhm … yes I think we do. Your son is good to go.”

On the way home in the car I called my son to give the good news. “You’re playing on the team this Wednesday!” I told him.

“I am?” he said. “But my coach said I hadn’t reached my training targets, so he would bench me.”

“Did he … ?”

The next day I invited the coach to come by for a cup of coffee – I said I had something important to discuss with him. When he arrived, I was ready for some seduction. I needed my son on that team ASAP or he would never get his grades up.


He came in and sat down and stared a bit but we talked mostly about my sons performance on the team.

He tried to be diplomatic. It was clear enough that my son is not the best sportsman.

Then the doorbell rang. “That must be Jeff” the coach said and he noticed the question mark on my face. “The assistant coach – we do everything together”.

“’Uh oh – I was clearly dressed for seduction, but with two guys here, what was I to do!?”

I decided I couldn’t miss out on this opportunity and I also couldn’t seduce just one of them in front of the other – so I had to go for the double!


Yeah, as you can see, the seduction part went really easy.

It was almost as if they were ready for it.

They were both hard and ready and started to fondle and undress me. Soon I found myself in a new situation – on the couch, getting fucked while sucking off the other guy!


I was a little nervous about whether I could handle two guys and what would happen. This was very new to me.

Turns out it was no problem at all. They did pretty much all the work, I just had to spread my legs and open my mouth.

I don’t think anyone had ever been as deep in my pussy as that assistant coach today.


After they were done, I asked for an update on my son and the team.

“I think he can get some floor time” the assistant coach said.

“Sure” the coach said “And we will visit you again next week and tell you how it went”

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