The Felicity Huffman

Felicity Huffman famously was caught bribing school officials to get her children into prestigious universities. I don’t have a lot of money, but I have more or less the same motivation and will play any card I have on my hand if it helps my son get into the best college.


Before going to visit the office of the college admission, I looked in the mirror and decided to unbutton a few extra buttons. It was worth a try, I figured.


Long story short – not much came out of it. I did get half a smile, but the guy was busy and hardly looked at me. He just gave me the admission forms.

I already have those, but I know there are some tricks to get it right and I want to know what those are. What are the things I should write in the form in order to get the best possible chance.

I talked to some of the other moms about what to do to get my son a good chance and they all talked about reading the guidelines and so on, but I know that is for suckers.

Instead I figured I needed to build a rapport. I went again and this time with an even lower cleavage.


The guy took a bit more notice this time and we talked for a bit about college life and other casual things.

“Maybe you could come for a coffee tomorrow and tell me more?” I suggested. He shrugged his shoulders. “Here” I said and handed him my card with my phone number and address “Is 11 AM OK?”

I didn’t get a clear confirmation from him, but the next day I was getting ready for his visit. I wanted to really impress him.


I was not wearing a bra and I knew fully well that my nipples were poking through the fabric. In fact, just when he rang the bell, I made sure to stimulate them a bit and make sure to get those pokies.

“Milk?” I asked, referring to the coffee from yesterday. He nodded.

We sat and talked for a bit and I noticed he was looking at his watch and was distracted after a short time. I had to do something. “It’s a warm day today, isn’t it?” I said “I think I’ll change”.

When I came back I was wearing a very flimsy summer dress.


To be honest I changed very quickly and I had no idea it was THIS revealing. This caught his attention.

“Another coffee?” I asked. He seemed nervous and didn’t answer.

He was just staring at me.


“I gotta go now!” he just said. “Oh, look at the time” he said with no sincerity.

He left.

Hmm … I thought to myself – something worked, but no results. Did I build rapport?

He sent me a text shortly after and said that I should call the dean and he sent me his number. Bingo! It’s something!

I called the dean and he agreed to come for a visit and give some advice.

He visited the next day and I was ready for whatever.


I served him a cold beer and we talked. “So you want some advice to get your son in our college?” he asked. I nodded. “Well, Henry from the admissions office told me a bit about you and I am actually a hobby photographer and I am looking for a model. If you help me out, I will help you”.

Anything for my son.

“But my interest is in boudoir” he said. That means he likes to take pictures of naked ladies. “So if you could take your top down” he said and stared.


I took me top down and let him take some photos of me holding my bare breasts.

“Oh, before I forget, these photos are just for your personal use, right?” I asked.

“Oh yes, of course” he re-assured me.

He instructed me to sit on the couch and also to pull my dress up. Free for me to do and if it would give me crucial advice, it would definitely be worth it.


“Wow, no panties” he said and moaned and panted.

He was touching his crutch.

He took his penis out, left the camera and went up to me. Apparently this had been too much for him. I knew what time it was and lied back with me legs spread and invited him in.


I was already wet and he was so rock hard and he slipped right in.

It was clear the way he sounded and how hard he was fucking me, that he wasn’t going to last long.

He came a bit and just managed to pull out a bit before the rest came and he came all over my crotch.


“Happy?” I asked him and smiled.

“Ha, yes” he said.

He understood why I asked. “OK, yes, I promised you some advice. I will give you the single most important factor in terms of getting accepted into college.” he said.

Jackpot! Just what I was looking for.

“Grades” he said. “Make sure his grades are really high. That will help him a lot”

Nice. After he left I called my son and told him the good news. “We need to get your grades as high as possible” I told him “that way you will have a higher chance of getting into college”.

“Wow, that is *really* surprising insights you got for me there” he said.

To be continued

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