The Orville – R Rated Pilot Episode

It may surprise you to know that The Orville was going to be a spoof of Star Trek. Well, it sort of this, but it became good and is really a good show in it’s own right.

However, it was seen more as a spoof in the beginning and to entertain it was supposed to be an R Rated show with some nudity.

Of course, some scenes made it into the actual show like this one with Grayson in a sexy low cut shirt showing some nice cleavage.

However, one of the first drafts of the uniform design did not make it into the final show, here shown on Grayson again.

The first version was designed to be possible to zip down and they shot several scenes where they had not yet fully settled on how low it should be.

In some scenes, the attire of Grayson also did draw attention away from actual good drama taking place on the screen, so that might have been another reason why they changed the wardrobe for the reshoot.

Alara Kitan is another character who had a wardrobe change. They had plans for her but it was far beyond anything that could have passed as a uniform.

The first few scenes they had her in a baywatch style swimsuit and it was going to be some sort of internal joke. But it just didn’t work.

They also experimented with putting her in a silver jumpsuit, similar to Seven of Nine from Star Trek but eventually left the idea.

Even the good doctor Claire Finn had a different wardrobe in the beginning and even a few promo shots still exist of her in a short leather skirt.

Of course we could go on and on with different scenes that were shot with the previous wardrobe.

But I digress. I know you saw the photo leaked from set and was trying to find it and that led you here. So let me now delay any longer. And it really shows how much casual nudity was planned for that show.

And here is a little reward for your patience. Of course, the famous scene was not always planned like that. Here is a very rare photo from the set from the very first shoot of that scene.

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