The Pyramid – Part 6: Tina recruits her sister

Tina fulfilled part of her contract when she fucked my friend Ben, but she still had to recruit two girls before she would be out of her debt. Tina shows just how strong this contract is, because she recruited no other than her own sister. She signed the contract, had the pictures taken and was made aware of her debt to The Pyramid.

Since then, Yinni had also been recruited and showed to be reliable to fulfill her contract, even though she was unsupervised. This had great commercial potential, but it would have to be reliable or the agency would lose trust. Therefore I had to do another test with another girl. Tina’s sister.


Tina’s sister had already been though a revealing photo shoot. Now she had been invited to the house of a dude we found only that wanted to pay $30 for a fuck. We sent Tina’s sister there and was excited to hear about how it went.

Tina’s sister did not make a fuss about undressing, but as her contract only said “sexual favor”, I didn’t know how he would react to the dude’s advances.


After getting undressed, it was good to know that she was also not making a fuss about the dude taking a few pictures with this phone. Remember that Tina’s sister was at this point bound by the contract and in order to avoid owing $30.000, she had to fulfill the terms of this contract. She couldn’t risk ruining the contract and this made her want to go to great lengths to fulfill it.

It’s not surprising that Tina’s sister didn’t make a fuss about the dude fucking her either. After all, Yinni hadn’t either.


However, what was really great news, was when the dude started breathing more heavily, moaning and even shouting, clearly indicating he was about to cum, Tina’s sister did not retract – she did not attempt to prevent the dude from cumming directly in her pussy – she let him shoot his entire load in her.


This was a clear indication that she was willing to go to great lengths to fulfill her contract. She was reliable enough that, with the evidence from Yinni as well, this could definitely be used commercially.

And there would be much potential for revenue … not only did Cindy have to find someone else besides her sister, but her sister would also have to find two recruits, and so did Yinni. I would be having 5 more ‘models’ coming in within the next month!

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  1. this was good very good 🙂 .. Nic pics and everything loved it and i see the creampie desire was fulfilled too

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