The Pyramid – Part 7: The first real job

Having already adequately confirmed with Yinni and Tina’s sister that the contract made the girls put great efforts into fulfilling the conditions and not flake out, it was obvious that this was reliable enough to be used commercially. Today was the day to get the first real escort job.

The girl to have the honor of doing the first real job in the history of The Pyramid was Yinni – yes, she had already completed part of her condition by fucking the guy from the dating site, but she had to also recruit two more models. She had failed to do so within a month and therefore she had to repeat the efforts.


We simply put her on the street and had her hail guys walking by. I know this seems much like she is working as a street whore, but without the connections to find proper escort customers, this is what we had to resort to back then. Several guys were interested, but hearing about the price, they were on their way.

After 1 hour of hailing guys, finally a guy agreed to the price. $200. Yinni went with him to his nearby house and was ready to renew her contract. She might not have known before that we were serious about her having to repeat her sexual favor condition every month, but it was very obvious to her now.


Yinni sat on his couch and tried to make him comfortable by smiling. We wanted to start providing the escort-like service and smiling and chatting is part of that. However, the customer soon started touching and groping at Yinni and shortly after, he had removed all her clothes.


The guy had her pose for a bit while he sat and enjoyed the sight. Being not just a street whore but an escort girl, this was all part of the service. Of course, part of the service was also to be fucked – and she did that too.


Yinni did not retract when the customer was about to cum, but this particular customer wanted to cum on her face, so she accommodated him.


She knew she had to go along with this – the alternative was either that her second contract, the contract that gave her the opportunity to get out of her debt, was void – or if she was lucky, she would get another chance at fucking someone to renew it. This hanging over her head made her very accommodating.

Now all done, she knew the importance of recruiting two more girls within the next month. She got started immediately.

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