The Sticky Rumor

I love my boyfriend. Not only is he thoughtful and spontaneous, he is also hella hot and he just turns me on so much. It’s fun to be out, but honestly I always wait of going to his place, where we usually have some hot, hot sex.


Today was no different. After coming home, we sat in the couch, watched some TV, then shortly after started kissing and he was touching me all over, making it tingle.

I could also feel his cock getting hard through his pants.


Without saying a word, he got up and we knew what time it was. Blowjob time!

I always give a blowjob when we are having sex. I sort of like it and I like that he likes it. And I’m good at it. One more thing – look at the size of that cock. Some saliva is really important before we start having sex, because otherwise there is no way that cock can fit in me.


Everything was wonderful routine until one moment, one of his friends came in all of a sudden, with his cock out, even.

“What the fuck!” I just said.

“I told Terrance how good you are at sucking cock and he said he would really like to try it” my boyfriend said.

I whispered to him. “You have to ask me about something like that!”

“Sorry” he said “But I already promised him, so …”


I didn’t want to embarrass my boyfriend and I guess I was sort of proud of having this talent that was even rumored to his friends, so I agreed.

It was a good looking cock and I started sucking it. Meanwhile, still keeping a hand on my boyfriends cock and peeking to see if he was still OK with it. Clearly he was.


As if a cock in each hand wasn’t enough, two more of my boyfriends close friends came in and they had their cocks out too. “Is this where the party is at”

“What is this?” I asked and stopped sucking.

“Well, I told all of them how good you are and they all wanted to try.” he explained.

I was dumbstruck and didn’t say anything. Then my boyfriend continued “I assume you don’t mind – or is it only Terrance’ cock you want to suck?”

Of course I didn’t want my boyfriend to think I had a thing for Terrance, so I obliged and started sucking everyones cock.


Of course, I wish my boyfriend had asked me about this – so I could have said no. Or would I? Well, he certainly should ask. But I also did not want to embarrass him.

I continued sucking for a while and they were very generous to pass me on to the next cock, but that also meant none of them came. I knew that now that I started, they would all expect to cum before stopping.

They started pulling my shirt over my head.


“What?” I just said

My boyfriend explained that he had also bragged about how good I look naked. I laughed at the compliment, of course, but was again keeping a mental note for something I should talk with my boyfriend about afterwards. He should really not put these thoughts in the minds of his friends.

“And also” he said and then paused … “What?” I asked.

“Also, I said you have a very nice, tight pussy and it feels so good on your cock” he said “So I already said you’d be OK to let them try. Not to fuck you, of course!” he re-assured me “but just to put it in there and feel what it’s like”.

My mind was racing. Thinking about everything. I did not want to embarrass my boyfriend. “So no fucking, OK!” I said, and kept a sense of control. Everyone nodded. “OK” I said with authority and bent over on the couch.


Terrance was first and slowly inserted his cock in my pussy.


“Uhh, too deep” I said.

He pulled out a little. “Are you sure?” he asked and pushed it a little further in again. “Yes, it’s too deep” I said again and he pulled it out a little.

“OK, say when” he said and pushed it back in again. “When!” I said.

One of the others took his place and also slowly pushed his cock into my pussy.


Just like Terrance, he didn’t really just keep it there and feel it, but gave me a few short thrusts and then pulled out again.

The last guy, not counting my boyfriend, preferred missionary and turned me around on the couch. He then inserted his cock. “You don’t mind if I do a few thrusts like the others did” he asked. I shrugged my shoulders, but actually noticed he wasn’t even looking at me, but looking at my boyfriend.

“Sure, go ahead” he said “She usually likes that”. He was not wrong.


He pushed his cock in and then started fucking me, carefully but definitely for real.

“Wow, that looks so good” Terrance said. “When is it my turn?” he asked.

The other guy fucked me for a while longer, then he left space for Terrance to come back. He pushed his cock into me again and this time he made no pretense and started fucking me hard.


And he fucked me really hard.

I was busy with another cock in my face and didn’t notice that he was actually climaxing while still inside me! He was cumming in me!

“Uh” I just said, confused.

“It’s my fault” my boyfriend said “I told them I usually cum in you”.

Hardly relevant! But too complicated to discuss right now.

This had apparently been a turn-on for the other guys and it wasn’t long until they all came on my face.


Needless to say, I had a very serious talk with my boyfriend. I had to explain to him, that if the guys cannot control when they cum, then the gang bang ends prematurely!

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