How was your day?

Geena just came home and asked the dreaded question. “How was your day?”


“Fine” I said “But I did have a problem today”.

I didn’t quite know how to tell her.

“Certainly it was an interesting day. One to remember, ha ha that’s for sure.”

Geena was not feeling comforted by that. “What happened?”


“Well, I was playing poker with the guys?” I started when she interrupted me.

“Wait a minute! Which guys? Not Don and Duke I hope” she said.

“Yes, it was the Dukes. But it was going quite well actually, and I was thinking about that vacation we want to go on, so I really wanted to win.”

Before I could explain anything else, Don and Duke came in.


“Hey, you can’t just come in here!” Geena yelled.

“Sure we can, we have an appointment, isn’t that right” Duke asked me. I nodded. “What? What appointment?”

“Actually it’s sort of with you, Geena” Don said. She got up and started trying to push them away.


“Why aren’t you doing anything?” she asked me. “Well, they’re right, they do have an appointment.” I had to admit.

“Your boy lost big tonight!” Duke said. “First he ran out of money and he had a big hand of three sevens. But I had three jacks and I won everything. He pleaded with us to gamble something else and we reluctantly accepted his offer to fondle your tits.

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They pulled her tube top down and started groping her tits.

“Stop, you can’t do that” she said.

“Geena, if you don’t like it, take it up with your man there, we won it fair’n’square” Don argued and Duke took over.

“But he lost again and he pleaded to gamble more. But with what?”

Duke pushed her down on the floor and they both whipped their cocks out. “Suck it!” he said. Geena protested and yelled to me. “Did you really do that? Did you gamble a blowjob?” she asked. “Yes, two of them, I’m afraid. Sorry, I’ll make it up to you” I said.

“How!!?” she asked bewildered. Then she knew what she had to do and started giving them their blowjobs.


Their cocks were so large, she could hardly get even just the tip inside her mouth. Still they pushed it in and tried to slide it further down her throat.

“He wasn’t happy to have lost those blowjobs to us, I can tell you that” Don said.

“That’s something I guess” Geena said. Don continued: “So he wanted desperately to win them back but he had nothing left to gamble with. Except letting us fuck you”.


Don pulled her panties down.

“Dude” Geena said “An innocent blowjob is all in good fun, but sex, how could you gamble sex away and not even your own. They should fuck you in the ass” Geena said.

“Uhmm, we wouldn’t have taken that bet” Duke assured her.


Dons cock was unsually thick and Geena was surprised that it felt far different from when her boyfriend fucked her.

When it was Dukes turn, he wanted to lie down and Geena was by now resigned to her fate. She got on top of him and started riding him.


That left no space for Don to get sucked off, and Geena was happy about that, until he found another use for his cock.

He was able to push his cock into her ass.


As true gentlemen, they pulled out before cumming and came in her face and on he tits.

“I hope you’re happy now” she said to me.

As if.


The boys got dressed and was ready to leave. On the way out Duke shouted “OK, thanks all, we will be back in a few days for the next instalment”

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