The temp agency – Part 2

Cathy got called into the temp agency again a few days later. The guy told he had a good job for me that came after a personal recommendation. There is a rating system, but it’s also possible to contact previous employers to get recommendations.

The manager told Cathy that they needed a stunt double for a movie. They told the manager that Cathy could be made to look sufficiently like this actress.


He had already asked them and made sure there would be nothing dangerous going on. They just need someone to fill in a few scenes. The pay is great.

Just before Cathy left, the manager remembered something. “I forgot to tell you – we got a report from one of the other temps, that she had been asked for sexual services while on the job with us. I just want to make it clear that this is not acceptable. You always have to report that behaviour. If you perform sexual services to a client, then we have to fire you, we have no choice. So don’t do that”

Cathy nodded as she left and her mind was racing. She had already let Mr. Adams fuck he when she cleaned his house. She didn’t want to, but she thought she had to, to get the 5 star rating.

Now it was too late, if she said anything, she would get fired. She decided to keep her mouth shut.

When she arrived on the set, she went straight to make-up and they made her look almost exactly like the actress playing the role.


“Great work” the director said to the make-up artist, hardly noticing that Cathy was a real person.

It was some kind of historic love story. Cathy watched as they played out the scenes on the set. She was quite nervous. Right after a scene where the real actress had a dialog and then her suitor kissed her on the hand, the director yelled out “stunt double!”.


He looked in Cathy’s direction again, then said again “Stunt double!”, not acknowledging that she might have had an actual name.

“Couldn’t Miss Jones do this scene herself?” someone asked the director. “No, she is a bit shy.”

“Stunt double!” the director said “Stand there. Can you do that?”

Cathy nodded. “Good las” he said.

“OK, everyone, remember there is no dialog now, we just need some area shots, then Miss Jones will redo the scene with dialog. OK, camera rolling!”

An assistant put Cathys hands on the table and the actor leaned her forward. Then he moved her dress to the side and started removing one of the undergarments.


Cathy was in shock, but the ‘camera rolling’ had an affect on her, she didn’t want to ruin the shot.

When he started removing another undergarment, that really made Cathy start thinking about her situation.


Cathy thought to herself – why were they casually thinking that she would be OK with this? Then it hit her. The personal recommendation. Obviously they had talked to Mr. Adams who had probably told the director that she did a great job and that she would probably be relatively OK with some nudity.

Now what? Cathy had to keep the job at the temp agency to keep her loan shark friends happy. She couldn’t tell the temp agency about it without revealing that she had already fucked up, literally – and they would have to fire her.

He pulled her panties all the way off and then Cathy was just standing there, bottomless, being filmed and photographed.


Cathy comforted herself with the knowledge that no one would know it was her. She was just the stunt double. Everyone who saw this film would think it was the real actress.

Just as Cathy was hoping that this would be all, she felt the actor going up behind her and start poking his penis into her.


“Unghh” Cathy said in pain. “No dialog, please” the director said.

Cathy felt him pushing his penis all the way in, in small motions, he moved his penis a little out and then back in a little further than before, until it was completely buried in her pussy.

After a while the actor spoke out of turn. “Unghh” he said. “No dialog” the director said again. It was the suppressed orgasm as he came in her pussy.

“OK, that’s a wrap” the director said “that’s all we need. Thanks, stunt double” he said to Cathy and that was it. A job well done, she was confident she would get a 5 star rating again.

The End

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