The temp agency

Cathy never really needed money before. Not because she had a lot, but because she didn’t need a lot. She has had small part time jobs here and there to get some income and that has been enough.

One day Cathy’s cousing Vinnie came to her with a great idea. A straw that can bend in two places instead of just one. This would make it much easier to get it in the drink and it wouldn’t wobble as much, Vinnie argued. He just needed $10000 to get started. Cathy didn’t have any money, but Vinnie promised her the money three times back in just 6 months. With this, it was easy for Cathy to calculate that if she borrowed the money and paid interest, then she would still make enough money to not work for a year when the $30000 came back.

imageShe borrowed the money, she never heard from Vinnie again and now she suddenly had debts. She hadn’t borrowed the money from a bank but instead from the knee capping sort of people, so there was no arguing that she had to pay it back. The guys demanded twice the amount back because she missed her payment, but other than that, they were quite reasonable. If she paid off $2000 for the next 10 months, she would be debt free.

They even helped her find a job – they referred her to a temp agency that offered a really good rate that would make it possible to earn the money back and then some. They said that they would be fair and that as long as she was working in the temp agency, they wouldn’t come to collect on her debt (read: break her knee caps).

Cathy came to the interview at the temp agency and the manager explained how it worked.

“We are the most popular temp agency in the city because we use ratings. Everyone gets ratings after their job and the people with good ratings are obviously the ones we call when there is another job. There are so many temps that you have to get a 5 star rating on your first job if we are to call you back next time we have a job.”

Cathy nodded.

The guy explained a bit more. “A 5 star rating is difficult to get, you see, the scale only goes up to 5, so you only get this if you do a great job. That’s why we are so popular”.

Cathy nodded again.

“OK, we have many different jobs here. The cleaner of the house of the Adams family hada cancellation and you need to go there and clean their house. It’s a 4 hour job and you have to be really thorough. You should probably not take any breaks”

Cathy nodded, noted down the address, picked up the clothes and off she went.

When she arrived, the cleaning products were already put out and she got started immediately. She liked the idea of working at a temp agency, she could take jobs when she needed some money and enjoy her precious spare time when she didn’t want to work. So she was really intent on doing the very best she could.


“Oh, you’re the new cleaner” Mr. Adams said, he had just come home. He slapped her butt. Her reaction would normally be to yell things at someone for doing that, but she knew how important it was that she got a good rating, so she took it in good sport.

He wasn’t as good a sport about it, though, he went further and took some liberties. He lifted up her dress and fondled her ass.


Cathy couldn’t believe her luck. Her first job at the temp agency where she HAS to get a 5 star rating, and then she has to put up with this creep.

She was determined to get the job at the temp agency, so she pretended like nothing and continued cleaning.

Shortly after, Cathy was folding towels when Mr. Adams came in again.


While still on the phone, he gave her a funny look and smiled at her, then he went right up in front of her, dropped his pants. He made a non-mistakable sucking gesture with his mouth. It was obvious that he was expecting her to giv him a blowjob.

Cathy was cursing on the inside, what a nerve this guy had. She was in no mood to give this arrogant dude a blowjob and she didn’t have time for it either. But she knew she couldn’t ignore it without getting a low rating, so in a split second decision, she did what she had to.


Meanwhile, she couldn’t stop folding the towels, or she wouldn’t be done in time. She figured they would still want their house cleaned, even if she had to provide some extra personal care for Mr. Adams.

After a few minutes, she decided to turn her attention to Mr. Adams and get him done so she could get one with her work. She sucked him off and he started coming. It couldn’t be detected in his voice, but she knew he was coming because of his twitches – and of course, cum in her mouth.


He gave a polite ‘thanks’ smile and went away again, never even getting off the phone.

Cathy continued cleaning the house for the next 2 hours or so and had just 30 minutes left to scrub all the floors, when Mr. Adams came into the kitchen.


Cathy noticed him but made sure to look busy – which she was. She continued scrubbing the floors. He sat down behind me. “Don’t get up” he said. Then he lifted up my dress.


She thought he was going to fondle her ass again, but to her surprise, he pulled her panties down.


In case Cathy didn’t know his intentions by now, they became adundantly clear after he started pushing his penis into her.

He started slowly fucking her. Cathy was still cleaning the floor, she didn’t have time to stop, but she was also outraged.


Trying to be a really, really good sport had put her in this position. Now she just wanted it to be done. She knew she was going to demand a 5 star rating now. She was thinking to herself that she could tell his wife if he didn’t make sure she got a 5 star rating.

Just as I thought that, his wife came in the kitchen.


“Jim!” she yelled at him. He looked up. “Jim!” she said again “Don’t take too long, she still has to clean the floor in the hallway!”

What a sick family, she thought to herself. There goes her leverage to get a 5 star rating, she thought – she just had to make sure they were both happy with her services. She now knew it was even more important that she didn’t stop scrubbing the floor, but also had to give Jim the opportunity to finish.

It was extra difficult when he grabbed her hair, ‘luckily’ it was indicating that he was about to cum. He finally came and left.


Cathy never stopped scrubbing the floor and didn’t have time to put her panties back on, so she just had to be careful not to let any of the cum slip out of her pussy and down on the floor.

She made it in time, and was happy with a job well done. So was Mr. and Mrs. Adams. They better.

She got a 5 star rating and the temp agency accepted her to be a regular in their rollodex.

Model: Veruca James

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