The Understanding

I helped Mrs. Pound out around the house every now and then. Some times she needed a light bulb changed. Other times a cabinet assembled. Her husband traveled a lot and was not home to take care of these things, so she paid me a few bucks to sort it out.

I always thought she was very sexy, even though she was not my type. She was a bit older than me, but she had huge fake boobs, rarely wore a bra and just looked very sexy.


She offered me coffee most of the time and we talked about different things. Mostly small-talk, but some times she told she wished she continued college, but then she got married. Gradually things got more personal.

She also told she never knew when her husband was coming back.image

Some times she would sit in the jacuzzi and blindfold herself and hope her husband would come back. And if he did and found her like that, they would have hot sex while she kept the blindfold on.

That was a strange story I thought.

When I left that day I thought about that strange story. Something made me come back and go to back yard to check if she was indeed in the jacuzzi blindfolded.


Sure enough. There she was in the pool. Naked and blindfolded!

She was hardly able to stay under the water because of her big unnatural balloon boobs. But I digress.

I hadn’t quite understood why yet, but my subconscious had figured it out. I went up to her and I from behind I started touching her boobs. It was like touching a couple of water melons.


“Mmm, Dick” she said, referring to her husband, Richard.

She got up without taking the blindfold off, unzipped my pants and started sucking my cock.

In between sucks, she went again “Dick – you’re so haaaard”.


Without saying anything I got in the water.

I had figured it out. She was not cheating. She would not cheat on her husband. By saying her husbands name, it was not cheating. She was blindfolded so how was she to know it was not her husband.

Likewise, I was not being naughty either. She was literally asking for dick. Satisfied with my logic, and slightly less hard now, after thinking about all these things, I stuffed my cock inside her pussy from behind and started pounding her.


“Oh yes Dick, Dick, give me Dick, I mean Dick give me some dick” she said.

She pushed me over and got on top of me, then started riding me like I was a piece of meat.


I couldn’t help but cum and a minute later my cock softened so much that it fell out. “Damn it” she said “You need practice!”

For the first time she wasn’t referring to me as Dick.

“OK, get out of here, my uhm … someone might see us. OK go”.

I left.

Next time I helped out, I also checked in the jacuzzi after my job was done but I never found her there blindfolded again. I guess I had lost my shot at this sweet deal.

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