MeToo Stories – Doing a Presentation

This is something that happened before the MeToo movement. I am more comfortable telling about it now as sort of a cautionary tale or a history lesson almost, of how it used to be.

The first thing you will notice is that all the women in office are wearing short skirts and showing a bit of cleavage. This was completely normal.


Before MeToo it was more normal to flirt with colleagues and employees in the workplace. Blatantly.

In all the places I worked before MeToo, it was very commonly my boss who would flirt. For example, even during a presentation he might move up very close to me while I was still presenting. He would be so close that it seemed inappropriate and of course it was, but that was normal back then.


“So that means for 2004 our best sales channel was through affiliates” I said, while presenting.

My boss interrupted me. “You’re forgetting about these – they’re your best sales tools” he said and groped my breasts. Everyone laughed at the very funny remark.


In this particular instance, he continued sort of groping my breasts and even popped them out of the bra. Of course the people in the meeting noticed, but they didn’t want to interfere and it was all in good fun anyway.

I continued the presentation and they continued taking notes.

Notice how long ago it is – because instead of using some presentation made on a computer, apparently I had just drawn the charts on a piece of paper.


“Those are some really good results” my boss said

“You deserve a reward – and so do I!”

He leaned me over the conference table right there in the middle of the meeting. And pulled my panties down.

image image

Now, this was not exactly normal, even before the MeToo movement, but it was the sort of thing that happened BECAUSE of the culture that was prevalent at that time. People would talk about this after the meeting, but more as a funny anecdote than anything else.

“Sleeping her way to the middle” might be one of the remarks someone would make.

On this day, he also whipped his own cock out and started fucking me!


Now, even before MeToo he did get in trouble for doing this. Not least because he was actually interrupting a scheduled meeting and wasting everyone elses time. It was unprofessional!

He did fix his mistake though – he dismissed everyone. “I think we will have to continue this meeting some other time. Jenny needs her reward now!”

Everyone left and he continued fucking me.


He didn’t take his time – he fucked me very goal oriented, as fast as he could. He did have other meetings to go to and was a busy man. It suited me fine as well.

He did cum in me and he felt safe in doing so because at that time, whether we had a boyfriend or not, all women in the workplace would be on the pill, just as a precaution because these sort of situation would frequently arise.


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