Winning Together

I know my wife is not anything spectacular to look at, but it is actually her looks that super charged my career. This is the story of how it happened.

I was getting nowhere at work and was not being noticed. Being in sales, you can get your numbers up if you work hard, but there is a limit to how high you can get them, because all the good leads are passed on to the top sales people who has the best connections in the company and who everyone knows. I wanted be one of those people that everyone knows so I invited the sales manager and upper management to a party at my home.

My wife was in on the mission and she was the perfect hostess. She decided to go all in and try to show herself off from her best side. She went to the beauty parlour for five hours and she wore a brand new dress.


It was very sexy and she was being noticed a lot – and by extension, so was I. I am not too sure the other wives were very happy about it, but I guess that means we were winning.

She even allowed some glimpses that revealed that she was actually not wearing underwear under this near-sheer dress and it drove the guys wild.


After this party, all the guys in office winked at me and really noticed me. I did notice some extra leads going my way, but it was nowhere near enough. There were lots that hadn’t noticed anything and lot of people who hadn’t shown up at the party but had heard about it and was asking me when the next one is.

I talked to my wife about it and she agreed to host another party, but I suggested we spiced it up and made it into a pool party this time, just to do something different. My wife agreed on the condition that she could get another make-over. I agreed on the condition that I could pick out her bikini and knew it was going to be a good investment.

At the pool party, my wife was looking stunning.


Some of the other wives were in bikini too, and maybe they had a bit more to work with than my wife, but they weren’t using it.

My wife relaxed for about 10 minutes at the edge of the pool and I caught several of the guys gawking at her.


“Oh no, I am getting tan lines” my wife said at one point aloud and everyone looked at her. Then she removed her bikini top and sat in the pool topless.

“Yes that’s better” she said.


Several of the guys from upper management approached me during the party and mentioned how they had noticed that I had potential to become one of the top salesmen in the company. It was working.

Of course, going topless is pretty innocent really, if you think about it. Lots of people go topless on the beach around the world. This was just an unusual setting because it was an office party. But actually it was not an office party, it was a pool party with people from the office.

That’s how I prepped my wife for this and she was happy to play along.

But she was also demanding that I make it worth her effort. “You are gonna go get that promotion – this week!” she said and I agreed.

That very next day I came home with a gift wrapped and a bottle of champagne. “I got the promotion!” I said. “Yay!” – my wife and I were jumping up and down. “The partners gave me this bottle of champagne and this gift for you”.

“What is it?” my wife asked, while I opened the champagne. “I don’t know, you should open it”.

*Pop* – the champagne was open I poured it into two glasses while I told my wife about the celebration they had planned at one of the partners house and we were both invited.

The gift for my wife was a dress – including lingerie. “Do you think …” my wife said, without ending the sentence. We were both thinking the same thing. “Yes, I think they want you to wear that at the celebration, why else would they give it now and invite you at the same time?”

“What if I don’t?” she asked. “It would just be rude – let’s not find out. Let’s get this done!”

At the day of the part, when we arrived at his house, there were 6 other people there. My wife dropped her coat and was just wearing the “party” dress they had given her.


It was actually very high quality and very sexy, but also very revealing. However, when you think about it, it was just showing a lot of skin and not revealing much. Very elegant.

“But it’s different, this is someones house and not the pool or anything like that” my wife whispered – but then the host came and greeted us both, gave me a good handshake and a long hug to my wife.

When he ended the hug, he accidentally got some of the fabric of her dress stuck to his belt and it went to one side. Under the shawl hanging in front of her, she was basically wearing sheer panties. However, she had made sure to shave very thoroughly, that way it would not be possible to make out anything under her panties.


We had a normal, but awkward, dinner together, with plenty of wine and some shots and a lot of sexual innuendo.

At one point the partners started congratulating me on my wife. They never said anything directly, but just talked about how lucky I was that I had a wife that played ball and opened doors for me and that this one was a keeper. “Keep it up” they said “You can get far”.

After the party, my wife and I discussed what they might have meant and none of us were sure, but clearly they expected her to continue making sure I would get the good leads and close the sales. Something like that.

The following week I got a meeting invite from one of the key customers of the company. Someone I had never been allowed to meet before. On the invite was also one of the upper management – and my wife! Yes, they had my wife’s email and had invited her as well. There was a tracking code for a package and when I checked it, I could see the package had already been delivered to our home.

The next day we went to the meeting and of course my wife wore the outfit that was sent to her in the package. It was implied that’s what they were hoping for.


It was basically lingerie, but I guess the skirt made it into something that could said to be a dress in a way. It was a matching set and there were no underwear. My wife noticed the skirt was long enough to cover and got the hint that no underwear means no underwear.

Of course, when sitting down, the skirt shifted slightly but revealed hardly anything.


We had cocktails and the customer was always holding his arm around my wife the whole time, At one point he even grabbed her ass under her skirt, but my wife took it in good stride and did not flinch. She was playing it cool. Well done.

She told me later that he had also been carressing her right breast. Just the outsides, but quite consistently – and when I asked how she felt about that she just said it was ok, but I could tell that she had actually found it exciting.

We came home with a great contract that evening and the guy from upper management congratulated me and told me that it would be rewarded.

The next day I understood what he meant because I was offered to become a junior partner! This was a dream come true and would put me on the path to a very good career. Only 0.1% of consultants become a partner and the only path to that is through junior partnership.

We had to take out a mortgage in the house as well as borrow some extra money on another loan because becoming junior party means having to buy a small amount of equity. However, within 2 years I would have earned that equity back and after that I would earn more than I could have ever hoped for.

The next meeting we were invited to was more of the same. They sent a package upfront and this time it consisted of a very transparent top.


However, it took an unexpected turn when the client asked my wife whether she fancied a swim in the pool. She nodded “sure” but then he said “oh, but there is no swimwear allowed in the pool” he then said “we cannot risk it getting clogged”. What a blatant bullshit excuse and my wife did give me a dirty look.

But she gulped up her pride, took her clothes on and swam a couple of lanes in the nude.

When she got up, the client continued along the same thread. My wife asked for a towel and he said “Oh you can just airdry, come sit in the couch and have a cocktail!”

Again my wife did as suggested and now saw naked in the couch with the three of us, staring at her.


When we got home that day, my wife had been a good sport, but she told me that this had gone too far and this was the last time she would accompany me on one of my sales meetings. I can’t say I blame her.

Of course I agreed to follow her wishes and I announced this to the partners to make sure there would be no misunderstandings.

The immediately called me for a meeting in the board room. Two partners were there. They said they received my message and asked whether I understood what that meant. They told me some legal reasons why this would be deemed as lack of collaboration and it would mean I would forfeit my equity. When I got defensive they asked me whether it wasn’t clear to me that my wife was a big part of the reason why I had been invited into junior partnership.

They told me they needed photos of my wife and that they were not going to distribute them anywhere, but only use them for what they called “special marketing”.

When I came home to my wife with this news, we had a big fight about who did what and whose fault it was. But in the end, we would be ruined if it really came to forfeiting the equity so she said she had no choice but to agree to the photoshoots and that she blamed me for it.

The next three days, a photographer would drop by with an assistant and some lighting and screens – and clothes. The first session they shot had my wife naked but with a net dress on top.


The other showed her in a business attire, smoking – but clearly not wearing underwear.


The first few shots were kind of tasteful, but some of the later shots were downright obscene, although still very well done.


When all the photos were done, they were ceremoniously given to us and put in an envelope tagged “collateral” and then I were to personally bring this to the partners. There were also copies on a USB stick.

I noticed that he immediately emailed them to the other partners – and as agree he put “not for distribution” in the email content.

The next invite we got was a little different – it was a party hosted by one of the clients and no clothing was sent to us. We were relieved in some way and thought that the situation had somehow normalized.


That’s my wife in the yellow shirt and jeans. So unusual to see her wear something so normal.

I was called into a short meeting in the next room with one of the partners and I left my wife with the client and the rest of the party guests.

After about 10 minutes when I came back, I was completely taken aback by what I saw.


My wife, topless, sucking the cock of the client!

“Don’t go over there” the partner whispered “it will just make her feel awkward”

I did stay a bit away and I think she noticed me in the room, but she didn’t stop. In fact, she helped when the client started taking the rest of her clothes off.


Meanwhile, the other guests were just sipping wine and watching.

All naked, she slid down on his cock and started fucking him.


I noticed then that one of the guests were actually filming the whole thing. Not sure my wife had noticed it.

It was clear from the way this client looked in the face that he was right now cumming in my wife. By the looks of her, it came as a surprise to her, but it was too late to do anything about it.


My wife just put her yellow shirt back and kept her pants off. She leaned over and got a glass of wine and sat back on the couch, with cum slowly trickling out of her pussy and on to the couch.

“Cheers” she said.

When we drove home that evening we talked about what had happened while I was away. “I did what I had to do” she said and she was probably right. This was what was needed. But I couldn’t help but feel that she was enjoying herself.

Well, I guess that’s better than the opposite.

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