Too good to be true – Part 3

I had earned $225.000 for two days work and had to earn another $225.000 in order to complete my contract. That sounds like a lot of money, but actually just 5% of that would come to me. Well, that is still a lot of money, so although I never planned to enter into this contract, it was clearly going to be very lucrative for me.

I had the first $6000 paid out already. The next $5000 was credited to me, meaning they added it to my “balance”, waiting for me to complete my contract. I was out of cash already and had to even borrow $200 from them just for groceries. So now I really wanted to complete the contract as soon as possible and get the full payout!

I was impatient but finally after a week of hearing nothing, they called me and told me to come to an address that he texted me right after.

When I arrived it was just a normal house in a little suburb. They told me to take a shower and they followed me in there and took photos of me showering. I didn’t mind by now, they got plenty of nude pictures of me already, even some of me sucking a cock and being fucked.


When I got out of the shower and back into the changing room, I found an older man waiting for me there. I didn’t know who this was and I said “excuse me” as I was just in my towel and figured I had to change.

Turns out I misread the situation. This guy was apparently my client. My manager, the guy i call “blazer guy” because he wears a blazer, was there too. But he didn’t wear a blazer, so now that nickname is a little confusing. Anyway, blazer guy told me this guy had paid a lot of money for me.


I liked the sound of “a lot of money” as I was now in a rush to earn the rest of my contract out so I could get the payout.

There was no pretense about what this guy was here for. He calmly removed my towel and put me on the bed. Then he got on top of me and started fucking me.

Blazer guy was there as well and took some pictures with his camera phone, but there was no camera crew or anything like that.



I noticed blazer guy was no longer taking any pictures. He was just checking messages on his phone or something. It’s not that I wanted him to take pictures, but it was an odd development. It felt different somehow.

I could feel him cumming and moments later my pussy was full of his cum.

“Good. Take another shower”  blazer guy said. I left for the shower and when I came back, blazer guy was there to give me my coat and he led me out of the front door and back to his car.

“Did he have to cum in me?” I asked blazer guy carefully. “Of course!” he said “That’s why he paid $10,000 for a 10 minutes fuck – how else do you think we earn that kind of money”.

Wow, ten thousand, I thought to myself, until I realized, I would just get five percent of that. “Is that just 5% for me?” I asked. “So that’s $500 for me?”

Not exactly petty cash but also not a lot of money like before. “Cheer up, you are closer to the big payout now! And I have more for you to do!”

We drove to another nearby house and it was same procedure again.


And again!


Aaaaaand again …


“That’s $40,000 in a single day! Great work!” blazer guy congratulated me.

I was trying not to think about “only” earning $2000 for a very hard days work. Money that I would not even get paid out. Instead I was reminding myself that I was now $30,000 closer to the big payout. Just $185,000 left to earn. Two good jobs would be enough, I thought to myself.

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