Too good to be true – Part 2

I received a call from my agency. I still had to earn back $325,000 in odd jobs, but considering the $125,000 I had been paid  (off which $6000 was for me) it shouldn’t take long.

However, my first job after signing was not paid as well as I had hoped. It was another photo session in a bikini and it was valued at $20,000. Still, not a bad pay and 5% of that would be mine – that’s $1000 for a days work. Not bad at all.


They told that they needed more photos to get me more jobs and that this material was going to be part of that. The blazer guy was there to explain everything.

Meanwhile, they took promotional photos. This bikini did not leave much to the imagination.


“Pull on those two strings” the camera man said and I did.

It left me holding the two strings that used to hold my panties up.


“OK, and you can release them now”. I hesitated for a second and then dropped the strings. My bikini bottom dropped with them.

OK, so I was settling with myself, that I was now straight out nude modeling. I had already sort of come to terms with that, but now it was real.


I ended up nakes and lots of photos taken.

I looked at the photos afterwards and they were indeed some very good photos.

After the photo shoot, I was led to the pool and they continued photographing me.


“Great news, we have a last-minute job for you! It pays $80,000, which brings your total for the day up to $100,000!” he said.

(and that’s $5000 for me, I thought to myself)

They led me to a towel at the side of the pool and a man joined me as well as a guy recording video. I cannot say I was surprised when the guy started fucking me. It was a bit more over the line than a blowjob, but I was going with the flow now.


He changed position several times for the camera. I still didn’t know whether he was participating or he was the customer. Perhaps they were paying him too.


In the end, he came on my face and they got a real porn ending.


I wiped my face and felt a bit used, to be honest, but I was seeing this through and would end up with a really nice sum of my own at the end of it.

As I was leaving, I was waiting awkwardly for blazer guy. “So…” I said …

“So …” he said, mimicking me and smiling awkwardly.

“My money?” I asked.

“Ohh, your money, yes of course, I will put $5,000 on your balance now, here is your receipt” he said.

“Uhm, what? Can I just have the money, though?”

“Oh you are not paid out before the contract is completed” blazer guy explained “otherwise you might choose to skip a job. It’s all in the contract. Don’t worry, I will credit your account now” he repeated.

I was disappointed. “You still have the $6000 though, right?” he asked me. I shook my head “No, I thought I would get more. I deposited it” I explained.

Blazer guy looked both sides, making sure he wasn’t caught. “OK, I am not supposed to do this, but you can borrow $200 here and just pay them back in a couple of weeks, OK?”

I thanked him, as I really needed cash for spending, but was still trying to figure out what I would do in the mean time until they paid out my money.

To be continued

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