Trying out dildos

It was a great idea to have a shop where you can try out the dildos before you buy them. I was led into the room without any pants on. At first I protested a bit, but then the salesman gave the splendid argument, that I couldn’t try out the dildos otherwise.

He had also blindfolded me, because, as he said, I wouldn’t be looking at the dildo when I’m using it anyway, so why see it when I try it. Additionally, when losing eyesight due to the blindfold, my other senses would be enhanced and I could feel the dildo better.


He started out by handing me a small dildo. He called it ‘the authentic model’. It felt very real. Just like a real dick. Incredible what they can do these days.

“So what’s special about this ‘authentic model’?” I asked him. “Does it do anything special, besides feeling real?”

“It doesn’t just feel real, it also gets bigger when heated, for example by a hand.”

Wow, that was great. I tried it out and rubbed it a bit. The dildo seemed to grow bigger, but not much.


“Is that it?” I asked him “doesn’t it get any bigger than that?”

“Your hands can only make my … uhm … the dildo so big. You would have to make it warmer, somehow.”

It had already gotten bigger, but not as big as one could expect from a dildo.

“You may want to test out the dildo with your mouth” the salesman suggested. “I don’t know if you are into that sort of thing with dildos, but it would certainly make it warmer and make it grow. Why not try it?”

He had a point. I was there to try out these dildos. Even though I didn’t normally put dildos in my mouth, I did it today, just to try it. And it DID get bigger.


As I sucked the dildo, I noticed something weird. It smelled like a real dick. Not in a bad way, but it had a definite taste of real dick.

“This really feels and even smells like a real dick” I said.

He agreed. “Yes, I did say it was authentic. It even has one more ‘feature’ that we’ll get to later”.

“Another feature? It feels real. It grows when it gets warm. It smells real. What other features could it have?” I was curious about this dildo. I didn’t know if I had to try out any other dildos. This was amazing. “Please tell me what the last feature is” I nagged.

“First we need to test this dildo on you in your pussy. That is the point with all of this, right?”


He stuck the dildo into my pussy in one smooth motion. No need for lubrication, I was already excited about this real dildo.

I tried to grab the dildo and control it myself, but he slapped my hand each time. “No, I will control the dildo. Just sit back and relax.”

I thought it would be a better tryout if I controlled the dildo myself, because that was what I would do when I got home with it. But he was really good at using it. Again, it felt very real. Of course it was because of the authentic dildo, but I also think it was partly due to the passion of this salesman. Even though this is just everyday life for the salesman, he really put some effort into it. I could even hear him moaning, as if he was getting a bit excited himself.

After a few minutes I slowly got more excited and I actually came. I was embarrassed so I tried not to say anything. But I think he noticed, because just after my orgasm, he went on to the last feature. “Now, you will experience that special last feature that this product has.”

I felt some liquid in my pussy and then something dripping on the front of my pussy. What was that? Was that … cum!? Was that the final feature. “What is that in my pussy?” I asked, still blindfolded.

I heard some moving about and then he replied. “That is cum from that ultra realistic authentic dildo. Here, let me take off your blindfolds.”

When he took off the blindfolds, I couldn’t see the dildo anywhere. Had he packed it away. “Where is the dildo?” I asked, with cum still dripping from my pussy. “I want to buy it!”

“Sorry, we have none of those in stock. I just thought you would enjoy to know what new innovative dildos are coming to the market. If you are interested, I will have my colleague demonstrate another authentic dildo to you.”

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