Hunting cunning drug dealers

In the police, we always try to find new ways of arresting drug dealers. Drugs are responsible for a big part of the crime on the streets, so this is very important.

A problem we always run into is, that the alleged drug dealers have legal rights too. We can’t just ask them for a blood sample. Well, we can, but they won’t say yes and then there’s pretty much nothing we can do. They have to give it to us freely.


Here I was, in the halls of a hotel where an alleged drug dealer lived. We wanted to trick the drug dealer into giving us a sample that we could use to prove that he had traces of drugs in him. That would give us the right to examine his house, and we would find the drugs that he was going to distribute on the streets. So this mission could save hundreds of lives.

I drank a cup of relaxing potion. It was important to be relaxed when I went on this mission.

I went into this room and laid down on the bed. Secret agents would ensure that the drug dealer would accidentally enter this room, even though it wasn’t his.


As I laid down on the bed, with my legs slightly spread, it was an integral part of the mission, that I did not wear panties, as you can see on the picture below.


Not wearing panties had 2 benefits. It would be more tempting to the drug dealer and it would make it more likely to the drug dealer that I was in fact sleeping.

I think it’s time to tell you the plan. It’s very difficult to get a blood sample from a drug dealer. So, what are some other ways of getting a sample? The Chief Constable thought of one. Cum. If we get a cum sample from the drug dealer, that will be sufficient proof that the drug dealer has been in contact with drugs.

So my job was to tempt the drug dealer to fuck me so I could get a cum sample. If I tried to seduce him, he would suspect that it was a trick. But it’s unheard of that someone ‘sleeping’ is actually trying to get fucked. That’s why this plan would most likely work. It was original, unexpected and safe. Safe, because if he decided not to fuck me, no harm done. If he decided to do it, we got him!


I could hear someone entering the room. It must be him. He was lifting up my skirt. So far so good.


It was important to stay still. If I moved, he would think I’m waking up, and he would leave. So I put all my effort into not doing anything at all, regardless of what he did to me. The sedative I drank before I laid down, helped me with that.

I thought I did a good job, because he dared to turned me over. Maybe I should have lied on my back from the beginning in order to make it easier for him. But it’s harder for me, because if I accidentally open my eyes, he will see it, know the jig is up and run away.


I could feel his breath on my pussy. I thought I was doing a good job and that I had caught his interest.

I was happy with the progress, but refrained from smiling. I wouldn’t want him to think I was waking up.

YES. I could feel something trying to penetrate my pussy. It felt exactly like a dick and judging from the movement of it and the small sounds made by the man, he was in fact beginning to fuck me.


I wasn’t wet at all, so it hurt a bit at first when he tried to penetrate me. This made it harder for me not to make facial expression that would reveal that I was in fact not sleeping.

As he thrusted deeper and deeper, it became more and more easy to act like I was sleeping. Also because I was getting more and more wet.

It became harder to not make a sound or a facial expression, when he lifted my leg and really fucked me deep. I’m not sure if he knew it, but his dick filled my entire pussy with no room to spare. He hit the ‘ceiling’ on every thrust. Quite careless of him, but I still didn’t make a sound.


This was going alright. I had tempted him to fuck me, and soon he would cum in me, and I would get a great sample to use to get a search warrant.

When I was feeling most confident that this was going as planned, he suddenly pulled out his dick.

What I had done? Had I made a sound after all? Had I not been able to refrain from making a facial expression?

The thoughts went through my head, but I kept acting like I was sleeping. Maybe he just needed a break or something. That’s when something wonderful happened. He came all over my face. Success! I had a cum sample!


After he had cum, I heard him move about in the room. I didn’t know for sure if he was looking at me, but I risked putting out my tongue and licking some of the cum on my face. I needed to be sure to have some evidence, in case he wanted to wipe my face clean.

He didn’t want that. Apparently he had just gotten dressed and left the room.

When I was sure he had left the room, I wiped off some of the cum around my eyes and opened them, smiling.

The Chief Constable entered the room. “Is everything ok?” he asked.

“Yes, everything went fine. I got the sample!” I said, smiling, with cum still dripping from my mouth. The Chief Constable looked confused. “You got the sample? But we haven’t lured the drug dealer into your room yet! Lie down and act like you are sleeping, he will be here in less than 2 minutes!”

Pictures provided by Sleep Assault

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