Fixing the blood pressure

“The patient has a problem with his blood pressure! Gmfhf sazhgtsf sthjkl …”

I heard the doctor yelling at me, again and again, while the ambulance was leaving. I couldn’t hear the last part he said, but I heard that the patient had a problem with his blood pressure and was determined to solve that problem. The doctor was counting on me.


I was just a nurse, and was left alone with this patient, with instructions to do something about his irregular blood pressure.

What could I do. This patient needed his oxygen, so he couldn’t talk to me. I had to fix this problem before the ambulance arrived at the hospital.

I looked at his veins for clues. I didn’t really know what to do, but kept examining him, so he would at least be calm to see that I was not doing nothing.

I did a quick automated test, and determined that he generally had enough blood in him, but it was delegated to other parts of his body than his brain. That was the problem. Good thing I listened that day at nursing school. This was real, I had to do something.

Now, where could all the blood be? Of course!


Found it! His dick is full of blood, which is creating an unstable situation.

Now I had found the problem and the ambulance was driving full speed towards the hospital. I had to solve this problem before we got there, or it would be too late.

Maybe I could just cover him up again and pretend like I hadn’t noticed and hadn’t found the problem. Hell no! I’m bound by an oath to try to help patients the best I can!

So how can I help this man? I must do something to get the blood to leave his dick. I explained it to the patient. “Please stop having an erection!” I said. Of course, he couldn’t do that. Thanks to my intense training as a nurse, I knew that the blood would usually leave the dick after it had ejaculated.

I tried licking it, hoping that would cause it to ejaculate.


The patient did react to the licking, but in a way that I had not expected. It became even harder and more filled with blood. I had made the problem worse!

Luckily, the patient was still conscious.

Oh, all my meddling – couldn’t I just have left him alone, now I’ve made the problem worse. I really have to fix it now.

I know one thing that will make any man ejaculate! I knew what I had to do.

I opened my nurse uniform. I was already naked under my uniform (a long story, I’ll tell you later), so I could quickly jump on top of his cock.


I tried to be gentle, but also knew that time was against me. I had to be quick – to be exact, HE had to be quick. I fucked and fucked the best I had learned.

I could see out of the window that we were getting closer to the hospital. I could also see on the patient, that he would soon cum, and his blood pressure problem would be taken care of. I was running out of time.

I let my instincts take over, and fucked him even harder. I didn’t think of anything else than fucking him. I was getting close to cumming myself.

I could feel his dick widen – he was cumming, and so was I! “AHHHhhhhh!”. I yelled as loud as I could. Partly because I came, but mostly because I had finally accomplished what I wanted. It was at this very moment, that the ambulance stopped, and the paramedics opened the doors.


They looked at me and was understandably surprised.

“I don’t have time to explain” I said. They were trained professionals and took out the stretcher, with me still sitting on the patients dick.

They drove me through the emergency room and into the ward, still sitting with my legs spread on his stiff dick, recovering from my major orgasm.

Wait a minute … His dick was still stiff? How could that be! I was so sure I had solved his problem.

“Thank you nurse, you can get off now” the doctor in the ward said. “Thanks for your effort, but that’s not how you treat a viagra overdose!”

Pictures provided by My Sexy Nurses

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