Types of accidental celebrity nudity – On the beach

Like everyone else, celebrities wear skimpy outfits on the beach. Anything else would be weird. That’s why the beach is one of the most popular places to get a nice shot of a celebrity involving a little nudity.

For example, many people go topless on beaches. That includes celebrities, although they do it in more secluded areas. An example is Jessica Alba having a little run on her private beach.


Some celebrities are not as careful as Jessica Alba – well, seeing that Jessica Alba got a picture taken of her anyway, it isn’t really worth the effort to be careful.

For example, Lindsey Lohan chose to go to a normal public beach, but instead wear sun glasses so that no one would recognize her. Of course, everyone did and some tourists snapped this nice shot of her.


Another amazing private beach shot is the one of Keira Knightley. It’s on the private beach in front of her summer house which she thought no paparazzis knew about. Here she is in a careless moment with her then-boyfriend.


Keira Knightley didn’t know that a paparazzi had been waiting at her beach house for exactly this sort of thing.

Of course, some celebrities just don’t think. One of them is Elisha Cuthbert from 24. She went to a resort in Spain and through her celebrity status, she got a free pass to the VIP section of the beach. As she was the only celebrity at the resort and was assured she had the VIP beach for herself, she thought it would be no problem to sunbath sans tan lines …


However, she didn’t fully realize that the VIP beach was only separated by a symbolic fence, very easily penetrated by the photographer’s camera.

Elisha Cuthbert actually noticed the photographer and realized the situation. She got a towel and covered up and even caught the photographer and purchased the photos from him. Disaster averted. However, she couldn’t resist uploading the picture to her facebook profile, telling all her friends about the funny incident. She didn’t really fix the privacy settings properly for the post and it was made available to her Facebook fan club (22 members) and it spread from there. As widely as her legs.

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