Types of accidental celebrity nudity – Hotel pools

Did you ever go to a 5-star hotel pool in the kind of hotel where celebrities stay? Maybe you went to a 5-star hotel before, but somehow you were never there while there were a celebrity or maybe a celebrity went to a different 5-star hotel. Well, it’s no coincidence, many times celebrities book an entire floor and make sure no ‘commoners’ are allowed to see them stay at the hotel.

One such example is Evangeline Lilly from Lost taking a relaxing time late in the night in the hotel jacuzzi.


You may be puzzled why celebrities would go naked in an outside jacuzzi like this, making it so easy for any determined hotel personnel to take a very financially rewarding photo.

Well, while you ponder about the reason for that, enjoy this nice photo of Sarah Michelle Gellar, getting out of the pool after a nice almost-private swim in the hotel pool.


Now, are you done wondering why celebrities go nude at hotel pools so often? Well, think of this – where do celebrities live? In great mansions? Yes, probably they have a mansion to live in, but they don’t live there. They travel all the time, going to sets, photo shoots, publicity tours and much more. They are never “home”. Or rather, their home is the hotel! Now how would you feel if you couldn’t even be yourself and some times even be naked in your very own home!?

Now, I think you understand a little better why it’s quite common to find celebrities in the buff at hotel pools. Normally they make sure there are no other guests present and the only photos that reveal the celebrities’ habits are those taken in secret by the hotel staff.

However, some celebrities are less careful to be private while they take a nude swim at the hotel, such as good old Tara Reid, but I guess there is no surprise there.


Some times, as it’s the case with Tara Reid, the celebrity will pose for the camera. But that’s really very rare. The most normal, by far, is that the hotel personnel will wait until the celebrity is looking somewhere else, as was the case when this picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt was taken in an indoor hotel pool by a pool waiter, hiding his camera under a piece of cloth on this serving tray.


Jeniffer actually picked up a drink from the tray half a minute later and, luckily for the waiter, she didn’t notice that right next to the drink was a small apparatus which was in fact a camera. She was none the wiser. Well, by now she probably figured it out.

Although that’s all for celebrities in pools, In a related note, it’s also quite common to find celebrities naked in public sauna’s – in fact, everyone have to be naked in there. Here is Jeniffer Garner caught naked in a sauna.


The woman that took the picture became rich – it was well worth the discomforting way in which she had to smuggle the camera into the sauna area.

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