We like them young

Even though I am beginning to get older, I still like the young girls. An 18-year old boy dreams of 18-year old girls. But that doesn’t mean that a man who is 55 dreams of women who are 55. No, men of all ages like the young girls.

I live in house that’s too big for me, so I am renting out one room for short stays, like 2 weeks at the time. Like a bed and breakfast, except I don’t make them breakfast. Sometimes the tenant is a young girl and sometimes I’ve been tempted to make a hit on her or maybe sneak a peak in the bathroom or something. Oh come on, it’s tempting sometimes. You must understand that.

But I’ve never made a mistake like that. It would be stupid and unfair to the girl.

Never, until a few days ago.

I came home one day, and one of my yung tenants were lying on the couch in the living room. Nothing unusual about that – except for maybe her the outfit she had chosen. I had told her I wouldn’t be back for 4 days, but circumstances changed, so I came back 2 days early. Obviously, she had counted on me being away for a while longer.


When I came in, at first I didn’t know what to do. Should I wake her? Maybe I could just enjoy the moment for a while. She seemed to sleeping quite heavy, or she would have awoken when I came in.

I liked the sight of the young girl lying on my couch with her legs spread. I also felt something that I didn’t exactly feel every day anymore. A major erection. Oh sure, my tools work plenty still, but it’s not the same when you get to my age. However, today was as if I was young again. Young like her. And I didn’t want that sensation to stop.

I went closer and thought to myself, that I would not likely get this chance any time soon again. I gently touched her lovely pussy and from it I felt like I absorbed part of her youth.


Feeling her young pussy gave me a strange sensation inside. I no longer felt like an old man and I no longer saw her as a very young girl. It suddenly became very simple to me. I was male. She was female. How much simpler could it be?

Why not take off my clothes and be naked as she was? I stood above her, stroking my cock, thinking that … no, not thinking. I was not thinking at this time. I might have been thinking something like “I am only human” and “She must’ve known, lying like that”, but I wasn’t really thinking. I was just being a man and I the only thing I COULD do was to fuck her. And oh, was I gonna fuck her … I was gonna give her a fucking she would not soon forget.

I put my knee on the couch and moved in closer, until my cock was almost touching her pussy. I was careful to move my cock complete inside her labia, which was quite easy the way she was lying there with her legs spread. I carefully inserted my cock and that moment, when I closed my eyes, she opened hers.


As I already said, I was not thinking. I hadn’t considered what would happen when she woke up with me fucking her. When I opened my eyes, I could see her looking at me. I didn’t stop, I kept fucking her, but I remember thinking that it was odd that she didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything either.

As I continued fucking her, I noticed that her eyes were open, but they were not really looking anywhere in particular. They were kind of dreamy, looking around, trying to focus – her mouth was moving slowly, as if she was moving in slow motion. No sound came out. I realized at this moment that she was not herself. I wondered if she had been drugged, and I think I really knew the answer, when I noticed that cum was leaking from her pussy – and it wasn’t mine.

I was shocked and I stopped for a moment. This was not what I had expected. I don’t know what I had expected, but it wasn’t this. As the thoughts went through my mind, my cock was still in her pussy, still very much erect. I couldn’t stop now – how could I? And what would be the difference? I am still a man, and she is a woman. My cock is inside her. Of course I am not stopping.

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  1. oooh…she wakes up to find a cock already poking inside her…whoops!…naughty old boy indeed!

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