You have won the lottery

“Congratulation! You’ve won the lottery!” a man said as he approached Miriam sitting on a swing. Miriam didn’t know the man but he was wearing a suit and had an ID batch around his neck. He looked kind of “official”


“What lottery” Miriam asked. She hadn’t entered into any lottery, not to her knowledge, anyway.

The city is awarding a monthly prize for a random person that’s smiling. It’s a way for the city to make people smile more, so we will have a nicer looking city.

“Today you’re the winner! It’s ten thousand dollars”

Miriam was amazed. She had never won anything. She was smiling before but it was nothing compared to how much she was smiling now.

“Come with me, we need to sign off on some formalities”.


Once Miriam had followed the man back to a nearby house, she was given a form that she needed to fill in. She also gave her credit card information, so that they could transfer the money to her credit card.

Miriam didn’t always give her credit card information, but then again, she didn’t always win the lottery.

“All we need now are some promotional shots, to be featured in the monthly city magazine. They are part of promoting the city’s message that we need more smiling people on the streets. You should take your skirt off for this shot.”

Miriam didn’t think she heard him right. “My skirt? … off?”

“Yes, we need some nice glamour shots for the magazine, I think you will do nicely in your underwear. It will look great. Of course, you don’t have to, if you don’t want the prize.

Miriam didn’t mind too much taking her skirt off. After all, she was wearing underwear.


The man sent the picture via his phone and stood around waiting for a few minutes. Then he received a call and he looked very worried. He discussed with whomever was on the phone for a while, then he put his hand over the microphone and talked to Miriam.

“They didn’t accept the picture. They need you to open your blouse. Sorry, that’s how they are some times.”

Miriam was topless on the beach lots of times and thinking about the ten thousand dollars, she was not slow to open her blouse. The man took a few pictures and continued talking on the phone. He then came back.

“They need you to remove your underwear too. Sorry, they’re usually not like this, but we do need pictures for the campaign.”

“And I have to be naked?”

“No, of course not, just as long as take your panties off – and smile!”

Miriam was not thinking clearly. She was just taking instructions from this man and he seemed like he was a good guy. She thought that a representative from the city would not misuse pictures like that and decided to trust him.


She also tried smiling, although it was not the most natural smile in history.

The man continued talking on the phone. “No, you really want me to do that!?” he said. “Really?” he confirmed once more.

“Sorry about this, but they are still not happy. They need me to stand in and help you get the last shots done. Oh, this is so embarrassing. But I think these will be the last shots.”

With that, the man took his pants off and put his penis on Miriam’s chest. “Smile to the camera” he said.


Miriam smiled, but didn’t understand how this was neccessary for her to get her prize. She was so anxious now, though, because she was so close to getting the $10000, that she was afraid to do anything that could stop her from getting it. That’s probably part of the reason why she hardly reacted when he put his penis on her chest.

It may also be part of the explanation of why she complied when he started shoving his cock into her mouth.


Everything was happening so fast now, she was only thinking about the money.

While she was sucking his cock, he was on the phone again. “Yes. No. Yes. Yes.” Miriam couldn’t hear what the conversation was about but when he hung up, he explained that they had not yet thought they had enough pictures and that they would have to take some pictures where they are having full on intercourse. “Of course, you don’t have to do that, only if you want to receive the prize. I’m not saying it’s fair, but those are the terms.

Miriam was already having a strangers cock in her mouth and she felt so close to the $10000 that the only reasonable action she could imagine was to spread her legs and invite his cock to enter her pussy. The cock accepted the invitation.


He came in her but Miriam didn’t care at this point. After they were done it seemed like an eternity when his phone finally rang again. “Yes. No. OK sir. Yes. OK”.

When he hung up, he looked at Miriam and shrugged his shoulders.

“They said it was still not good enough. You didn’t win the money. But I’m told you were really, really close. Just bad luck, I guess …”

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