My white swimsuit

I had arrived at the resort the day before and had fallen asleep almost immediately after the long travel. I had travelled all the way from Hungary to Spain in one go, that is more than 24 hours in the bus, no stops and I was tired as hell.

When I woke up, it was already 1 PM and I decided to go for a swim at the resort. I had bought my stay at a low price and I could see why – there were almost no people here. That’s the advantage of travelling during the low season.

It was the first time I was wearing my new white swimsuit.


Before leaving my room, I had looked in the mirror. In the semi-darkness of my room, I hadn’t noticed what was apparently obvious in the sunlight: The top is pretty much sheer. In fact, I didn’t find out before a friendly stranger mentioned it to me.

“Your nipples are showing a bit” he had said, pointed to my top. “Really?” The thought hadn’t crossed my mind at this point. “Is it very obvious?” I asked, as I couldn’t really make it out from where I was standing and there was no outside mirror handy.

“Hmm” the man was thinking. “It’s quite obvious, but maybe that’s just because I’m looking right at it. If I wasn’t, I might not notice it at all. Tell me what, are you wearing panties under that mini skirt, because if you do, why don’t you take the mini skirt off and then wear just your top and panties. That will take some of the attention away from your top and then I’m sure it won’t be noticeable that your top is a little sheer. I certainly wouldn’t notice” the man reassured me.

His suggestion made sense and I went ahead and tried it out, before anyone else saw me in that sheer top.


“Good” the man said. “It worked, I’m not noticing that the top is sheer anymore”.

Happy with the result, I went about my business. I jumped in the pool and swam a few laps. Not because I wanted to swim, but I wanted to cool down for a moment and then lie on a sun bed, drying off, getting warmed up by the sun. This is the life.

“Mam, this is no good” the man said, as I came out of the pool. He explained “I thought it was a good idea what I suggested, but I see now that your panties are actually see-through too. Maybe it’s the water, maybe I just didn’t notice it before. Sorry.”


I instinctively covered my crotch with my hand but that would have to be a temporary solution. “What should I do?” I asked, hoping for his guidance. He had already helped me take attention away from my sheer top, although it had had the unfortunate side-effect that my panties now got all the attention.

“I have an idea” the man said. “Your top is kind of sheer anyway, why don’t you just take it off and then I promise you that NO ONE will notice whether your panties are see-through or not”. His suggestion made some sense, once again – the top was certainly sheer, no doubt about that, so why not take it off. That way people would be looking at my small tits and forget all about my sheer panties.

I took the top off and dropped it. I then looked at the man for his reaction. Sure enough, he was looking at my tits, just as intended – not noticing my panties at all.


A few other people came to the pool, mostly men. They too were looking at my tits and not at my panties. I was satisfied it was working and relaxed a bit more. I got a lot of looks from the guys at the pool, but since I was sure it was just my tits they were looking at, I was quite happy with it.

I lied on the sun bed and got some sun. I even fell asleep at one point. When I woke up, my legs were slightly spread as I had relaxed while sleeping. When I woke up and looked around, I saw the men were looking at me. They had done so before, but they were now looking at me spread legs – that is, my panties, trying to make out what was hiding under them.

The man noticed my situation and approached me. “It worked for a while, but I guess they will keep looking at you, their curiosity has been awoken and it doesn’t seem like they will stop looking now – unless…”

“Unless what?” I asked, curious to know if he had another clever trick up his sleeve. “Well, they are obviously trying to make out what’s hiding under those panties, and I guess they won’t stop until they get a good look at what they’re looking for.”

“I guess you’re right” I responded “But how does that help me?”

“Suppose you give them what they want, wouldn’t that satisfy whatever curiosity they have and then they will probably stop looking after that – it’s worth a try, anyway.”

I understood the reasoning – and since my panties were sheer, so they could probably see most of my pussy anyway, I might as well go ahead and take them off completely and then after they get a good look, perhaps they will put their attention elsewhere.


After taking my panties off, I was expecting them to get their attention and that their attention would then subside after a little while. After all, the friendly stranger’s suggestions had worked each time before, if only for a short time.

This time it didn’t work as intended. In fact, quite the opposite. I was standing there naked, looking around at the men and as I did, they got up and walked towards me. There were 4 of them – on their way to me, they did something unthinkable – they dropped there speedos and was now naked. Well, when you think about it, I am already naked, so I guess it’s not that outrageous.

They all had boners and came all close to me. I didn’t know what to do. The friendly stranger came to the ‘rescue’. He said “I guess walking around naked in public with a lot of men around will give them the wrong idea. You can’t really blame them, can you? I think the decent thing to do in this situation, a situation that you really put yourself in, would be to give each of these gentlemen a blowjob. After all, you’re the one who pranced around naked while they were just minding their own business. Until now.”

I could see how it looked. I could just walk away but as he said, the decent thing would be to complete what I had apparently started. Each of the men seemed to agree completely with the stranger’s outline of the situation and started pushing each of their cocks against my mouth.


They were all pushing to get me to lick them. I tried to take turns on them. I also tried to lick one guy for longer time, hoping I could make him cum, but another guy would interrupt us and we would lose it. I thought it was rude of them that they couldn’t seem to wait their turn.

Suddenly I felt something cold and greasy on my lower back. I thought somehow, finally, one of them had cum and was happy about it. However, I soon realized it was in fact oil – the friendly stranger was now rubbing it against my pussy – and apparently also against my ass hole, it seemed. He even moved his fingers in and out of both my pussy and my ass.

I was figuring he was taking advantage of the situation, just as the 4 other men, but then I realized he was in fact helping me. I was trying to blow them but they kept interrupting each other. However, by utilizing my pussy, I could surely get them to cum.

One guy went under me and situated me above him. I figured I was gonna ride him to cum while keeping the three others warm. That’s what he intended too, I think, but with a twist – he stuck his cock up my ass instead. Having already warmed it up with oil, it went in pretty smoothly. Only seconds later, another one of the guys went in front of me and managed to stuff his cock in my pussy.


Three cocks inside my body at the same time! Even if I did somehow “ask” for it, I certainly didn’t ask for this. However, the good news is it would be over so much sooner this way. I could already feel the guy in my ass getting closer to cumming. I was gonna jump off and jack him off until he came, but just as I was about to do it, he held me down. I couldn’t get up at all. Then, two seconds later, his motions started getting faster – then a moan – and then again slower. Yes, he had cum in my ass.

The other men didn’t seem to mind. The guy who had cum in me got up and made my lick his cock clean. In the mean time, they rotated me around and repeated the success – again two cocks were fucking me. This time, my ass was full of cum with another cock pounding it.


They continued fucking me. I had sucked the guy clean and I started sucking off the other guy, but he was getting impatient.

He wanted to take over from one of the other guys. He said “Let me show you how to fuck this girl” and then lifted me up.

The third guy who was lying down, stayed down as he saw the two other guys holding me up while fucking me.


Now things were happening fast. The guy that had picked me up, fucked me as fast as he possibly could. It was a frenzy. He fucked in my pussy while the other guy was barely holding, perhaps only keeping me steady through the help of his own rod up my ass.

The dude in front of me almost screamed and then I could feel him cumming in me. They both pulled out and cum was leaking from both my holes. I realized the other guy had also cum in my ass, adding to the cum already in there.

They put me down and I figured I was finally done. Only then did I remember the guy who we had left on the floor. In the mean time he had masturbated and just as I saw down, cum came flying through the air and hit me straight on my mouth and on my tits. Now I was done – and quite ready for another swim!


As I looked up, I saw the friendly stranger looking at me. He was holding a little camera that he had been using to film the whole thing. “What, you’ve been filming it?” I asked in disbelief. “Sure, you never know how something like this turns out, so I thought, just to be on the safe side, that I would document this event in case you need it for evidence in any way.”

Ahh, he was right, this COULD be relevant. Well, in this case not really, since this video would just be a display of me fucking 4 guys – but you never know, I guess. “Thanks for all your help” I said, as I was wiping the cum from my lips.

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