In need of reassurance

I was at a massage parlor. Looking forward to a nice massage, of course, but was also kind of looking for reassurance. It was a male masseur. I wanted to kind of tempt him and then see him squirm to resist me. That’s all.

To start with, I had put the towel kind of low on my body to expose me nice little ass.


When he came in, he casually re-adjusted the towel and then started massaging me.


Not really what I had expected or hoped for – but on the other hand, I didn’t know what to expect.

He went on and on for half an hour on my back. Nice, but I was wondering when he would be moving on.


He was massaging my touchy and doing it quite carefully. He slid the towel slightly away when he did, just enough to complete his massage. I was assuming he would want to try to being doing it sensually, but he didn’t and soon moved on.

Then he removed the towel from my butt. I thought he was going to start touching me sexually, but he just needed to remove it to massage my upper thigh.


“Time to turn around” he then said. This is it, I thought. He was just warming up, now he will start touching me more sexually and maybe try to seduce me. How could he resist.

What he did, though, was to massage my head.


It was very nice, but I was not getting the reassurance I was hoping for.

As you can see, my tits are quite small. This is part of why I need re-assurance. Some girls get them enlarged, but I won’t do that.

He moved on to massage my front side.


It felt good, but it was still not the re-assurance I was looking for. Well, yes he was touching my nipples every now and then, but not in an unnatural way – just as a natural part of the massage.

I was getting aroused, though. Just from the thoughts I was having, not because of him. I started breathing a little more heavily. I thought to myself he might notice it and start reacting on it, but he didn’t. Not at all – just kept following his routine.

”Finished” he then said and was about to leave. “Hey” I said and he stopped. “Hey, uhm, is it finished? What about my legs?” I asked. “I did those when you were on your front.

“But … “ I didn’t know what to say. I was slightly aroused and I certainly hadn’t had the reassurance I had been coming for. “Would you mind giving me some vaginal acupressure?” I asked.

“No problem, mam” he said and picked up a massager from a drawer.


Then I really got the more sexual massage that I had been … well, not wanting, but wanting him to want to give me. It felt damn good, but it was not really the reassurance still – because I had asked for it.

But I thought I heard his breathing go up too, although I wasn’t not sure. “15 minutes?” he then said, with a clear unaffected voice. “Sure” I responded, breathing heavily now.

“Don’t you …” I didn’t dare to finish saying what I almost said.

“Yes, mam?” he said, still with a clear voice, very politely.

Suddenly it slipped out of me “Don’t you want to fuck me?”

“Sure, mam” he said and stopped the massage to undress.


He placed me on a hard pillow to elevate me to a perfect position for him. Finally I had conquered him, although I had had to be more direct than I had thought I would.

Now I had asked him and there was no turning back. I was very horny now, so I didn’t really care. He slipped into me easily. I was very wet.

He started moving in and out of me.


“15 minutes?” he then asked. I was moaning now. “Sure” I just replied, not understanding why he asked but also not thinking about it.

He continued to fuck me and was really good at it. Oh my god, it felt so good, this truly worked as the reassurance I had been looking for.

I lost track of time but at one point noticed he was looking at the time. Shortly after he came in me.

“Finished” he then said, in a clear voice. “Remember to pay at the reception. The vaginal acupressure is $20 extra and the generic erotic stimuli treatment is another $40. Thank you”

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