The unlikely Geisha

I know what you’re thinking. You’re not a Geisha is what you’re thinking. Well, I understand how you could come to that conclusion, but I am really a Geisha. Here I am with a customer.


So how can a white girl like me be a Geisha, you ask. You think only Japanese women can be Geishas … But that’s just not so. That’s actually racial discrimination. Anyone can be a Geisha. Well, I guess it should be a woman – although that is gender discrimination. So I guess even a male could be a Geisha, but let’s just say that mostly it’s women.

So why am I not wearing a kimono, you know think. Well, sure, in Japan, a Geisha would wear a kimono, but I’m not in Japan. You know, the Japanese males also wear a kimono, that’s why the Geishas do it. A Geisha must make their customer comfortable and part of that is wearing the same as they do.

My customer took off his blouse, so I am also taking mine off.


You think I’m a little young to be a Geisha? Well, I am only 18, but that is the lower limit for a Geisha, so I’m alright.

So now we’re both sitting in a room without a top on. My breast are exposed. OK, that could make me a little uncomfortable, but I’m acting like I’m comfortable. Showing to be uncomfortable is kind of contagious. Anyone around you will be comfortable too. So part of my job is to keep seeming like I’m comfortable.

Now, being topless with a guy seems inappropriate, but it’s appropriate for a Geisha. No, not for the reason that you think. I Geisha is not a whore by any account – that’s what you think, right? Nothing could be further from the truth.

In some cases, to be truly comfortable though, nudity is involved. As it is in this case.


No, this is not sexual in any way. Look, he doesn’t even have an erection. This guy wanted to ‘spoon’ – and after some clarification, he told he always spoons naked. It’s a little weird maybe, but it’s my chief responsibility to make him feel comfortable – I should definitely not say that his idea seems weird.

Instead, I must be supportive, even if it’s uncomfortable for me, but as you can see, I’m smiling – I’m making sure that I seem comfortable so that he is too.

Now, as I said, a Geisha is not a whore – not at all. BUT … some times it may seem like that. In this case, as it happened, my customer got an erection. Well, could you blame him – he is lying on a couch with me, both of us naked. Getting an erection is only natural.

Now, my job, as a Geisha, is to make him feel comfortable. Having an erection and nothing happening, would create a kind of awkward silence, and I can’t allow that to happen. Obviously he is sexually stimulated somehow, so I have to what his body expects, even if it is the furthest thing from his mind… I have to take a chance and do what is my best guess that would make him feel comfortable. Jump on him!


Now, what is this? Yes, if you walk in on us like this and know that I am getting money for being here, you might very well jump to the conclusion that a Geisha is a whore. But you would be wrong. This is where that common misconception comes from. My job is to make my customer comfortable. Some times, entirely depending on the situation, that may entail some sexual stimuli, as it did it in this case.

This may go on for some time and I will keep seeming comfortable with the situation for as long as it takes. However, in some cases I may deviate from this rule. Like in the case below, he is fucking me from behind and I allow myself to show my ‘real’ face.


Well, the reason why I let myself show that face is, that he is not noticing it. If he’s not noticing it, I can relax my charade a bit and save up energy till when he can see my face again.

I can hear on him that he is getting closer to cumming. Ahh, here comes the cumshot. I turn to him and get ready. See, now I change my face to a pleasant one, one where I’m smiling. And there it comes…

See, cute face I give him, right? I bet you he feels comfortable now! I’ve done my job yet again.

As you understand now, it’s important for me to point out the differences between being a whore and a Geisha. Being a Geisha is an honorable job, requiring great discipline and understanding of psychology. Yes, sexual stimuli is some times involved in both professions, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same.

It’s like, a CEO and an HR Manager may both drive a car at some point during their job – but that doesn’t mean their jobs are the same. At all.

I would wish all my Geisha jobs wouldn’t end up with me getting fucked, though…

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