Playing along

I had seen an ad online for an apartment that I liked and had agreed with the young lady living there to come see it. When I arrived, no one answered the door – I decided to see if the door was open, it was – so I went inside. The sight that met me inside was quite surprising.


Apparently, the owner of the apartment was tied up on the floor with her legs spread and her pussy bare. She was tied up in a way so that there was not enough space between her leg fixations and her hand fixations, so that she had to lift up her hip.

She was gagged so she couldn’t speak at all. She could just make some mumbling sound. My first impulse, the good citizen that I am, was to go to her and untie and ungag her. But wait a minute – what is this? I just decided to analyze the situation.

She had invited me to her apartment for this specific time and, assuming she doesn’t lie around on the floor like this all the time, it cannot be a coincidence that she presents herself like this just when I was visiting. This must have been some sort of thing that she arranged, maybe she has a fetish to get tied up and have a stranger fuck her … by untying her, I would be disrupting that fetish.

For a moment this seemed like the most likely explanation and I undressed, getting ready to fulfill her fantasy.


She didn’t look too happy, so I hesitated – but then I remembered the fetish. Having a fetish of getting taken against your will probably includes some role play of pretending to be reluctant … sure enough, the shoe fits, so to speak.

I moved up behind her and started rubbing my penis up against her bare pussy. She didn’t flinch much, indicating that she was actually into it – and I got more and more convinced that this was a fetish of hers, that she had arranged for all this. Of course, she was also so fixated, that she probably couldn’t flinch much.

There was a distant risk that she wasn’t really into this, that someone actually tied her up against her will … well, if that is really the case, then she is ALREADY tied up, nothing can change that – so letting her continue to be tied up for a while longer will make no difference at all. However, if she really wanted to fulfil a fantasy and I ruined it by untying her, that would be quite negative to her. So I had to outweight indifference against a negative outcome – and so the choice is simple, I should fuck her and this fulfil the potential fantasy that she might be playing out with me.


She was really into the “reluctantly fucked” act, she really tried to move as much as she could, making it seem like she was reluctant. Of course, by now, I knew better, I knew this was just a part of the act. I held her in place and moved my cock completely into her soft but tight pussy. She kind of pinched my cock with her pussy, making it seem extra tight. Perhaps giving it a hug. It felt great. I moved my cock a little out until only the tip was touching the outside of her lips, then moved it all the way back in – this time a little further so I could sense my cock touching the ‘ceiling’ inside.

I now started moving slowly back and forth in her, moving first slightly out and in and then finally moving from almost the full length of my cock and all the way in with each thrust. She was in a perfect position to be fucked and I took perfect advantage of it, I thought to myself.

It felt too good and I just couldn’t help myself but cum in her nice and moist pussy. Whoa, what a fuck. After I was done I pulled out and took a look at the girl, still lying there.


She looked up at me beggingly, sort of. But I just couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t fuck her again, as I assumed that is what her eyes were begging for – no more spunk.

I decided to do the next best thing. I wrote a little note and put it down on the front door of the building on the busy street. It read “Please come to apartment 3C and have some fun. The door is open”.

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