Tested to be a hotel maid

I was applying for a job at a fancy 5 star hotel to be a maid. It would mean cleaning the rooms as fast as possible and as discretely as possible. I already had experience with cleaning but at a very cheap hotel and my pay was also low.

However, it was not as easy as I had thought to get this job.


I had been put in a staged situation. My to-be-supervisor was there and someone posing as a guest was there too. He was really a bell boy, but he was to act like a guest so my supervisor could see how I would handle different situations.

In this situation, I entered the room and the guest was having his hand in his pants.

“What do you do now?” my supervisor asked. “Just ignore it and clean” I answered. The supervisor put a note in her book. I knew to be discrete and polite, so that was an easy one.

By the way, the male guest with his hand in his pants when the maid enters – you would be surprised at how common that is.

The guest lied down on his back and pulled his own pants off, leaving him naked in front of me. I continued to ignore him. He then asked “Can you give me a quick handjob?” he asked.

“What do you do now?” my supervisor then asked again, nodding in the direction of the guest’s semi-erect penis. Was I really expected to give a guest a handjob on request. I thought quick, I knew any hesitation would be in her notes and sat next to him and grabbed his cock.


Shit, what a situation. If this is the kind of hotel it is, I don’t want to work here. Then again, I can probably dodge this sort of thing once I get the job, then I only have to do it this once.

I started giving him the handjob, meanwhile the supervisor was writing more notes.

A few minutes later, I had successfully wanked him to cum.


I wiped his stomach with a towel, put it in the laundry, did a bit more cleaning and then left the room, nicely and discretely, I thought to myself.

The supervisor followed me outside while she was writing more details.

“How did I do?” I asked my supervisor. “Sorry, we can’t use you, this is a respectable hotel, we can’t have our maids wank our guests!”

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