The director’s wife in the changing room

I couldn’t get the sexy director’s wife out of my head after she’d let me fuck her in their bathroom because she thought I was a robber.

I just had to have her again and as naive as she was, I came up with a plot that I was sure would work. My friend owns a clothing shop and was in on my little plan, so I made a letter for her, saying she had won $1000 of clothes in this shop. It’s probably not a lot of money to her, but women love that sort of stuff. As predicted, she came to the clothing store and I led her to the back room where there is a changing room.

She didn’t recognize me, because last time I was wearing a mask. I explained the rules of the contest that she had won – it’s a $1000 prize, but she will have to try clothes that we give her and choose among those. This is where we would have some fun. We gave her a green tank top that was way too small. That was her observation too, but we insisted she had to try it on, then we could determine her size, we said.


It went even better than expected. It was so small that her breasts were falling out of it. She kind of noticed but in the privacy of the back room, she didn’t do much to hide it, other than ask for something else. I was thrilled that the cameras I put in the back room was getting all off this.

This was a good time to ask if she wanted some underwear. She was happy to hear that. I gave her a bra and panties and asked her to change into it.


She put it on immediately, then went behind the curtain and changed into the panties. She came out looking very, very hot.


The bra was a little small to her. Or perhaps just the right size.

It was time to move to the next level. I pointed to the camera, that had recorded all her little nipple slips. She was dumbfounded at first. “Who the hell do you think you are!” she yelled, and other things to that effect.

When she had calmed down, I told her how this was going to go down. “I’ll put that recording on the internet – unless you suck my cock right now” I said. “I won’t do that! And how do I know you won’t just publish it anyway!?” she asked. A reasonable question. “Well, you’ll have to trust me – but if I wanted to do that, I would have just done it, I wouldn’t have told you about it”. Good argument, if I have to say so myself. She thought so too. “But you promise the recording will be deleted if I do this?”. YES was my thought and “Yes” was my response.

“First take the bra off” I commanded. She did. “Now suck it” I said as I pulled my pants down and gestured for her to get down in front of me.


There was that familiar blowjob that she had also given me in the bathroom at her home, while her husband was downstairs. It felt great, but I wanted more.

“Take those off too” I said and pointed to her underwear.


When she slipped down on my cock, I almost came right there and then, but I managed to hold back, I wanted to enjoy this for a little longer. She didn’t quite realize that the cameras were still rolling, getting everything. I wanted it that way and wanted it to catch some more action.

I decided to change our position to allow the camera to get the best possible shot.


I was so tempted to cum in her now, but I held back. Not that I wasn’t ready to go. I slowed down and when I was already over the limit, I pulled out and came in her face and on her breasts.

“Now hold up your breasts, say thanks and you’re all done” I said. She held med up, mumbled “thankyou” with cum on her mouth, in her eye and on her breasts.



That ‘thanks’ was really the key. Now, I agreed to delete the recording. But I didn’t. She asked me right after, confirming I would delete, but I simply said no. Ha! And that ‘thanks’ was great for showing that she was a willing participant in this little round of fucking. Over the next couple of months, I re-did the whole thing, allowing her to prevent me from putting the recording on the internet, if she came and fucked me.

And each time I had her over, I did another recording and had her say ‘thanks’ each time.


It was a lot of fun for a while, but I got tired of it at one point, but still called her to entertain my guests, being my home topless or naked waitress, even giving handjobs to those of my guests that wanted it.

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