The exchange student – with Mia Khalifa

Some times you get phishing mail from some dating site, the email pretends to be some woman who is looking for someone to chat with, you just have to join this site first – credit card accepted.

That’s what I thought I got one day, when I received this email.


I am looking for someone living in your area to talk to. Please let me know if you want to chat, it would really be great. Thanks.


Picture attached.


Normally I wouldn’t look twice at an email like that, but there was something about this email that was different. The wording was less aggressive and the picture was not typical for that kind of message.

I responded back and it turned out to be a real person on the other end. Not someone who had a scheme to get into my bank account, she simple wanted to chat, just like she’d claimed in the email. She was from Lebanon and was going to be an exchange student in Miami for 6 months. She had found my email through my work, simply by looking up Miami. Very random.

We started chatting most days of the week, some times for hours. She wanted to know a lot of stuff before coming to Miami. We some times put web cam on and I saw that it seemed a really pretty girl was hiding behind scarf and glasses. Eventually she comfortable not to wear the scarf while we were chatting.

Maryam> I was wondering about selfies.
Jake> Sure, that’s popular these days. Girls like to take selfies all the time here.

I sent her some samples.


Maryam> You think I should do one?
Jake> Sure … perhaps you should give it a try.
Maryam> Maybe

I didn’t hear from Maryam the next day, but the day after that we got on the chat.

Maryam> I did it! Wanna see?

The picture she posted took me by surprise.


Jake> That’s a good one.
Maryam> Thanks. Not too much?
Jake> It’s fine for a Miami girl. You’d fit right in here with that selfie.
Maryam> Cool.

Weeks later, it was time for Maryam to come to Miami. She posted this picture in our chat while I was offline.

Maryam> Just landed in Miami and arrived at the guest house.


She was sure to fit in. Quite a different look than the first picture she sent me months ago.

A few days later I came online and saw she had left some messages.

Maryam> Hey, are you there?
Maryam> Hey, Jake, please respond.
Jake logged on…
Maryam> There you are, I gotta ask you something.
Jake> Sure
Maryam> I’m going to the pool today. I think I can wear this, but I’m so nervous. I never even went out without my scarf before.


Maryam> What do you think!?
Jake> Well, for the pool, it’s fine. For a restaurant, maybe not, although I have seen girls go like that too.
Maryam> I’m just going to the pool though.
Jake> Should be no problem then.
Maryam> Great. Bye

I was imagining her at the pool. She would probably be shy at first but then discover that no one really looked at her funny. Or maybe someone would look at her funny, just because she seemed shy? Maybe she would back out. I was anxious to hear how it went and logged on that evening hoping to catch her online.

I was so happy to see that she was online, but tried to not seem too enthusiastic.

Jake> So, how was the pool.
Maryam> Good, I liked it.
Jake> Good

Our conversation was not really flowing any more. I guess she was busy with something else. I thought, why not, and asked the question that had been on my mind.

Jake> Do you want to meet up?
Maryam> Sure. Can we meet at my guest house? Tomorrow afternoon?
Jake> Sure.

Awesome! I couldn’t wait to meet my new Lebanese friend. I was really looking forward to seeing whether we’d be as friendly in real life as we’d been on the chat. Or maybe even friendlier.

The next day, when I knocked on the door, I heard her shout “I’m by the pool”. Oh yes, I thought to myself, really wanted to see her in that bikini.

When I came to the pool, she wasn’t wearing her bikini, but it was stunning.


“Hi, so nice to finally meet you” she said. “Likewise” I said and got a bit nervous. “How are you?” I asked. “Good. Good” she said.

None of us knew what to say.

We sat down and talked. “So you live here alone?” I asked. “Yes, the guest house is just for me and maybe someone else will come in a few weeks”. At first it was a bit awkward, but shortly after it was like it had been on the chat. Just very comfortable and nice. She was quite funny. I was doing my best to look in her eyes, but it wasn’t easy.


“I’ve been thinking about something” Maryam said. “Some times I see these high school movies from over here, and the girls give the guys ‘blowjobs’ some times.”

“Oh, yes, right” I said.

“Yes” Maryam said “But is that just in the movies or do girls also do that in real life?”

“Well, sure, girls give blowjobs some times in real life too, it’s not just in the movies” I explained.

“Like now? Would it be normal if I gave you a blowjob now?” she asked. I did my best not to look surprised at that question.

I decided to go with the flow. “Sure, that could definitely happen. It would be OK”.

“It would not be weird?” she asked “I just met you”.

“Well, even if you just met me, that would be OK – but we’ve know each other for a while now, so it’s quite normal.” I told her.

“And also we are not married” she then said. That statement didn’t really make sense to me. But I just went “That’s true” agreeing with her.

“OK. I want to try. Can I?” she asked me.

I just nodded.

“OK” she said. She lowered her shirt and exposed her breasts, like it was a normal component of giving a blowjob. I guess she had studied the subject beforehand and found a video where they did that. She then unzipped my pants and slowly put my penis in her mouth.


“Am I doing it OK?” she asked me. I was of course happy either way, but felt it was appropriate to give her a bit of direction. “It’s nice, thanks – but uou know, it’s named blowjob, but you’re actually not supposed to blow in it”

She looked up at me with a weird look. “You’re supposed to put it in your mouth and suck and lick it”

“Really!?” she said, almost in disbelief. Everything else she had believed without any contest, but when I claimed you can’t blow when you give a blowjob, she was sceptic. Ironic.

“Like this?” she asked.


“Ahhh, ahh, yes, ow, don’t bite it though!” I said

“Ha ha ha, oh sorry, no biting, no blowing, OK”.

She started sucking my cock and she was a really quick learner, it seemed. She looked up. “When you cum, I have to swallow it, right?”

I smiled at the cute question. “Yes, that would be the polite thing to do” I said and almost laughed.


She went work on my cock and I couldn’t hold it in for much longer and started cumming. She kept it in her mouth and kept sucking while I was cumming.

Then she looked up at me and smiled. “That tasted weird” she said and thought to herself. “It’s like soy sauce!”

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