Tipping the Pool Boy

I left my wife at the pool as usual. She would spend a lot of hours next to that pool.

“Hey, before you go” she asked “Would you like me to tip the pool boy when he comes?”

“Sure” I said, before I left for work.


I got in the car and drove off but not 5 minutes later I realized something. I had a phone meeting in 10 minutes and I wouldn’t make it into office in time. So I had to go back, have the meeting from home and then afterwards I could go to office.

I turned around and hurried back to my house, parked the car and when I went inside I saw something unexpected out of the window. It was my wife. Clearly licking the cock of the pool boy.


My first instinct was to run out and hit him in the face. I couldn’t believe my eyes. But I took a deep breath and thought about it for a moment.

She was licking the tip of his cock. Was there something there? She had asked me if I wanted her to “tip” him. Had I somehow, indirectly, asked her to do this? Was this her way of asking permission? And I had said yes.

Meanwhile, the pool boy was pulling the bikini bottom off my wife.


As she turned her head, she looked straight at me, then she smiled at me and looked back at the pool boy.

It was so confusing. My first feeling was embarrassment that I had been caught looking at her. But then confusion. What was going on? Why was she engaging in this with the pool buy and she even seemed to think I was in on it.

What had she said? Something tipping him when he comes. Did she mean something in the way she phrased that.

The pool boy didn’t waste time and went straight for the good ol’ dick in pussy situation.


My wife was moaning as loudly as a pornstar, certainly not embarrassed, not even at the knowledge that I was looking at her.

I couldn’t help getting a boner of my own, but in a way I was more angry than horny. What kind of charade was this. Was I supposed to come home now? How could she know about the conference call? If I wasn’t supposed to come home, then what was this?

After fucking my wife hard for several minutes, the pool boy eventually pulled out and came on her stomach.


She wiped the cum off and then looked up at me and smiled again.

After the pool boy left, she came inside to greet me. “Did you like it?” she asked.

“What … was that!?”

“It was what you wanted right? I tipped the pool boy so you could watch us” she explained.

“But … why … how – how did you know I was gonna come back and watch you?” I asked, dumbfounded. “Well” she said “I asked you if you wanted me to tip him and you said yes, rememeber?”

“I guess” I said. Then I went to do my conference call and when I came back I heard my wife on the phone with someone. I didn’t hear everything she said but I just heard the following “Yes, he caught me, but I just told him it was his idea and he bought it!”

I didn’t know who she was talking about. I didn’t purchase anything, so it couldn’t have been me.

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